A New Smile, a More Youthful Appearance.Download this article as PDF Originally published in “Secrets of the South” May/June 2005.
Aesthetic dentistry is truly becoming the cosmetic procedure of the new millennium. If you are familiar with trends in television programming, you know the huge impact that today’s society places on a pretty smile. The popularity of Extreme Makeover and The Swan are proof of this. Today’s advanced cosmetic dental technology allows the well-trained cosmetic dentist to accomplish amazing results.
Most patients believe that tooth color is the most important aspect of their smile, but truthfully, color is usually the least important component. The size, position, angulations, and length are actually more important features. The position of the teeth in terms of the lips and surrounding facial tissues also play an important role in how the face appears. With proper planning, it is possible to not only have a new smile, but to take years off your facial appearance.
How? Everybody has seen how a denture wearer’s face looks with dentures removed. All of a sudden that person looks 25 years older! With the facial support suddenly removed, the face simply collapses. Why? The teeth support the lips, and the height of the bite supports the rest of the face. The position of the bite affects the lower jaw position, which makes one’s nose and chin appear relatively large or small. Let’s look at each one of these relationships.
The Teeth-Lip Connection – You can make your lips fuller by having fuller teeth. The reason why most people have thin lips is that their teeth are not full enough.
The Bite-Face Connection – If your teeth are too short, your chin and nose will be too close to each other. This compresses your face and creates wrinkles and deep creases. If the teeth are (correctly) taller, your face and muscles are more elongated, eliminating wrinkles.
The Nose-Chin Connection – If your jaw is retruded due to a retruded bite, your chin will be small or weak, making your nose look relatively too large or out of proportion.
You are probably asking yourself, what dental treatment is required to fix these cosmetic concerns? Sometimes, the solution is easy; sometimes it is complex. Occasionally it is as easy as adding porcelain to a few teeth; sometimes it is as complicated as rebuilding the entire mouth. For a denture wearer, one merely needs properly proportioned dentures. The only way to know for sure is to ask a properly trained cosmetic dentist. Computers exist that show proposed changes in your teeth and appearance before any treatment begins.
Dentistry can affect your facial appearance and, used in conjunction with the newest technology, can take years off your appearance. The result? Your new teeth will leave you smiling for years to come. Discover what is available for you today. The new you is only a few visits away!