If you’re unhappy with your smile, you’re probably considering a smile makeover to get a smile you’ll love. However, you may be concerned about how the results will actually look. Now researchers are proposing that a virtual mirror–or “augmented reality” device as it’s sometimes described–could help you see that result before it happens.

Although the device is new, the technique is actually not that different from what we’re already doing at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry. With our techniques, you can see your smile before you decide on your procedure. At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we’ve actually pioneered these techniques to help our patients make better decisions about their smile makeovers.

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How an “Augmented Reality” Mirror Works

“Augmented reality” is a recent technical term describing the overlap between computer generated information and images with real-world images. Perhaps the most famous use of this technology was the Pokemon Go! fad from last year, where people found virtual creatures in real places.

This new mirror, created using the Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine, which is able to superimpose new virtual teeth over a live video of a person considering a smile makeover. This allows them to smile, laugh, talk, and do anything else that they want to do to try on their teeth. Not only that, but people will be able to request changes to the digital teeth and see these change made. This will allow people to work with their dentist to design their exact smile makeover before they decide to get the procedure.

The Kapanu model relies on two different sets of information to make its augmented teeth. First, it has a database of 3-D models of attractive teeth. However, these models are kind of generic, and the computer needs to know how to apply these models to the patient’s teeth. To do this, it relies on a 3-D scan of your current teeth. Once it has these two pieces of information, the Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine can use them to build a 3-D model of your new teeth, and it can display that model in ways that reflect the orientation and display of your natural teeth in the video. It can combine these images so quickly that you can see it as if in real time.

We’re very exciting and look forward to being able to make this technology available. Although it was unveiled at the International Dental Show in Cologne last March, it’s not yet available on the market.

You Can Still See Your Smile First

Although we don’t yet have augmented reality mirrors, we still offer people the chance to see the results of their smile makeover before they commit to it. Our cosmetic imaging consultation will supply you with an image of what your smile could look like if you decide to get a smile makeover. And we’re remarkably good at making that virtual smile into a real smile for you.

In addition to the online mechanism, we can use digital imaging to plan your new smile during a cosmetic dentistry consultation in person.

Are you ready to enjoy a more beautiful smile and want to see the results we can achieve for you before you commit? Please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a Savannah cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.