If you’re looking for a dentist to redo your smile with restorations like porcelain veneers or ceramic dental crowns, you will eventually realize that it’s not the dentist who normally make the restorations. Instead, these are typically made at a lab by master crafters whose experience and expertise help them make beautiful, natural-looking restorations.

After learning this, you might think that you can get similar results from your neighborhood dentist, but the truth is a cosmetic dentist can make a lot of difference in the quality of your restorations, even if they’re not making them. Here’s how.

The connection between dental health and overall health

The Dentist Chooses the Lab

Not all dental labs produce quality restorations. And not all dentists choose to work with labs that make quality restorations. For some dentists, other features may be more important, such as speed of delivery or cost. In fact, if a dentist is working with a quality lab, they’re probably not offering inexpensive dental crowns, because the lab charges them more to ensure the higher quality.

The Dentist Makes Sure the Lab Delivers Quality

Some labs are capable of delivering quality results, but won’t always do it. Some dentists will accept the lower-quality products and place them. If a lab can get away with delivering lower quality work, they will continue to do it.

But dentists who are dedicated to quality will accept nothing less than the best from their dental lab. And the lab knows it. Therefore, they continue to deliver the high-quality restorations that will give you a beautiful smile with durable restorations.

The Dentist Communicates with the Lab

Without direct contact with patients, dental labs only make restorations based on the instructions given by the dentist. If a dentist gives incomplete or incoherent instructions, the lab won’t know exactly what to do, and, as a result, the restoration won’t be what you’re looking for. It’s like the old computer expression GIGO: garbage in, garbage out.

Dentists who are dedicated to quality have developed a strong relationship with their dental lab. Over years of robust interaction over numerous orders, some dentists have learned exactly how to communicate their desires to a dental lab and get back the right restoration every time.

The Dentist Has an Important Part to Play

It’s a mistake to think that your results from dental restorations relate only to the manufacture of the restoration. There are many steps, both before and after the restoration is made, that determine whether you’ll have good results with your restoration.

For example, most restorations require that we remove some material from your natural teeth. The way this is done can make it easier or harder for the restoration to fit on the tooth. And it can affect the way the restoration receives stress from biting.

Speaking of force, it’s important for a dentist to make bite force measurements while designing a restoration to make sure the restoration will fit the bite properly. Precision measurements matter for quality results, especially for dental implants.

Your dentist and their team also has to make the impressions that get sent off to the lab. Poor impression taking can lead to restorations that don’t fit.

And when restorations come back to the dentist, he has to seat it in a way that won’t cause a bad color match or lead to gaps or ledges around the edge of the restoration.

We Deliver Top Restorations

Whether you’re looking for porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or dental implants, we know that we deliver the highest quality restorations in Savannah. We hold ourselves to the most exacting standards for every restoration, and we do the same for the labs we work with. That helps ensure that every restoration we place is beautiful and natural.

Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is more than our name–it’s our standard. If you’re looking for the highest quality restorations in Savannah, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.