If you are considering losing weight and getting a facelift, plastic surgeons will tell you that it’s important to lose weight first because weight loss can impact your facelift results.

This advice exposes one of the limits of the facelift: it’s trying to respond to current, potentially transient configurations in your face, instead of working to create an ideal or optimal relationship between facial tissues. A nonsurgical facelift, on the other hand, works differently, and its results are less sensitive to weight loss.

A woman using hand weights while sitting on a swiss ball at the gym. If you lose weight and are worried it could negatively impact your face, look at a Non-surgical facelift.

Facelift Surgery Is Reactionary

Facelift surgery is a reactionary approach to facial aging. It takes the current state of your face as a given and uses it as a foundation for your facial rejuvenation. This is despite the fact that your face may have changed shape due to bone or tooth loss, you may have more or less fat right now, and your weight can fluctuate.

They make a plan for how much skin they’re going to cut away, how much they’re going to stretch your skin, and how they’re going to drape it, all based on things like your current weight and appearance. If these things change, it can adversely affect your results. It isn’t just a question of not getting the level of results you want, it can potentially lead to facial distortion.

Nonsurgical Facelift Is Restorative

On the other hand, a nonsurgical facelift is less sensitive to the issue of weight loss. Because a nonsurgical facelift is focused on restoring your natural youthful proportions, fluctuations in your weight won’t have as much of an impact on the results.

Which is not to say that there will be no effect. People who carry a little more weight in their faces tend to look a little younger, and if you lose weight after getting your nonsurgical facelift, you might not see as much rejuvenation. However, you will never end up with a situation where the plan has to be altered in the operatory because you lost weight. And weight loss won’t put you at risk for facial distortion related to your procedure. You will just look a little lighter or heavier.

Consider Your Options Carefully

If you are afraid that weight loss could negatively impact your facelift results, maybe you should consider an alternative to a traditional facelift. A nonsurgical facelift doesn’t work by cutting, stretching, and potentially distorting your skin, it works by restoring your natural proportions. This helps you to achieve a more natural result, one that looks like you, just younger.

And a nonsurgical facelift has the additional benefit of repairing and restoring your teeth. By giving you a brighter, larger smile, it provides a completely different way to rejuvenate your appearance.

Because it’s less susceptible to changes in weight and it offers an additional method of rejuvenation, nonsurgical facelift might be a better choice for people who are planning to lose weight in the future or find that their weight tends to fluctuate despite their best efforts.

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