Starting a relationship with a new dentist is always a little uncertain. We understand that, so we try to make sure you know as much as possible what to expect during your initial consultation. That’s why we’ve included a page explaining some of the basics of your first consultation.

But there’s one detail that’s missing there that some people might notice. We quickly gloss over the initial exam, even though this might be the most important part of the consultation. So what are we looking for during this initial consultation. It really breaks down to five things.

What to expect at your first consultation

Healthy Teeth

Of course, no cosmetic dentist should ignore the health of your teeth. Healthy teeth are the foundation of your smile’s beauty. Although we go beyond the limits of dentistry–as our name implies–we don’t neglect this central aspect of your smile’s health.

So we will examine your teeth for many common types of damage, including cracked teeth and broken teeth. We also will note if you’re missing any teeth, or if your teeth are infected. We’ll also note any old dentistry you may have, including metal amalgam fillings. The purpose of noting old restorations is twofold. First, we want to make sure they’re healthy. Old restorations can get damaged and experience secondary decay around them. Second, we use these as markers of potential future problems. The best indicator of future dental problems is past dental problems.

Healthy Gums

Your gums are vital for protecting your teeth and bones. If your gums become infected, it can lead to exposure of vulnerable parts of the teeth–and it leads to bone loss around the teeth. Both of these effects can lead to tooth damage and potentially even tooth loss. We’ll look for signs of gum disease, including receding gums, bone loss, and even bad breath. Bad breath is a warning sign that bacteria are growing around your gums.

Bite Evaluation

This is something you won’t normally get at the dentist. We are concerned about your bite, so we’ll talk to you about related issues. This mostly means talking to you about various symptoms of TMJ, which may include jaw pain, headaches, jaw sounds, and facial pain.

But we’ll also look for some of the unmistakeable marks that these problems can make on your teeth, such as tooth wear, tooth notching, and bone loss.

Cosmetic Evaluation

We’ll also evaluate the cosmetics of your smile during your first evaluation. There are many things we’ll look for, including how the midline of your smile matches up with your facial midline. We’ll also evaluate the color of your teeth, their shape, and the appearance of your old restorations. We’ll also evaluate the position and orientation of your teeth, checking for crookedness and gaps.

Around the Smile

Your teeth make an essential foundation for your facial appearance. If there are teeth problems, it can change the appearance of your lips, mouth, and neck. It can lead to an increase in wrinkles, jowls, and other signs of facial aging.

The Next Step

Once we’ve completed our evaluation, we’ll present you with our results. We’ll make recommendations for a treatment plan, and also recommend what further evaluations we feel may be necessary to achieve our treatment plan. These evaluations may include a CT scan (especially if you are considering dental implants), smile imaging (for cosmetic dentistry planning), and K-7 bite evaluation for TMJ concerns.

What treatments you ultimately decide on are up to you, but we want to make sure you have all the information you really need to make that decision for yourself.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect, we invite you to schedule your initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional dentistry in Savannah, GA. Please call (912) 234-8282 today.