Are you considering a nonsurgical facelift? It’s certainly tempting to get the results of a facelift without the need for an invasive surgical procedure (with surgical risks), extensive pain, and weeks of recovery. But there are some things you need to understand first.

Actual patient of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry showing Nonsurgical Facelift results

Actual patient of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

There Are Multiple Types of “Nonsurgical Facelift”

A facelift is a fairly standard term, referring to particular kinds of incisions and relocations of tissue. There are a few different variations, but overall you have an idea of what you’re getting.

Nonsurgical facelift is something else. There are many different kinds of nonsurgical facelifts that you might get. Most commonly, people use a nonsurgical facelift to refer to a procedure done with injectables, such as facial fillers and BOTOX ® Cosmetic. It might also be used to refer to skin tightening procedures done with lasers or with radio or microwaves.

When we talk about a nonsurgical facelift, we are talking about a dental procedure that restores the youthful proportions to your face, creating a rejuvenating effect. Not only will you have a younger, more beautiful smile, you’ll have fewer facial folds and wrinkles, a reduction in jowls, and an improvement in the definition of your chin.

Once you understand exactly what you’re getting in your “nonsurgical facelift,” you’ll know what benefits and limitations you’ll receive. And the good news is that many types of nonsurgical facelifts can be combined to improve your results.

Nonsurgical Facelifts Often Take More Than One Visit

A surgical facelift is done all in one visit: you go in for surgery and come out with your procedure completed. With a non-surgical facelift, you may need multiple procedures to complete your results. Some injectables take multiple injections to achieve the results you want. Most skin tightening procedures do as well. When we use dentistry to provide you with nonsurgical facelift results, it typically takes two visits. One to prepare your teeth and design your new smile based on an analysis of your symptoms of facial aging and your bite. The second to place restorations on your teeth.

Nonsurgical Does Not Mean “Pain Free”

Many people think that with a nonsurgical facelift you won’t experience any discomfort. This isn’t true. The level of discomfort you experience will be much, much less than that for a surgical facelift, but it will be some.

Most injectables will cause very minor discomfort. Topical anesthetic is used before the injections, and after that, there is usually no discomfort. Sometimes you will feel some minor soreness at the injection site.

Skin tightening treatments can be significantly painful. After all, these often involve burning your skin, so consider the discomfort from a bad sunburn as the top level, though it’s usually less.

For dental procedures, you know the level of discomfort associated with getting a dental crown, little to none at the time of the procedure, and some lingering discomfort after for a day or two.

How Long Will Your Results Last?

Nonsurgical facelifts typically provide results that don’t last as long as surgical facelifts. For some injectables, the results may only last 3-6 months. With skin tightening procedures, the results may last a year or two.

The exception is the nonsurgical facelift performed with dental procedures. The results can last ten years or more, comparable to a surgical facelift.

What Can Your Results Look Like?

Look at before and after images for the procedure you’re considering to understand what are reasonable explanations for your nonsurgical facelift. Also make sure to talk to your provider about the before and after images to understand whether these results are indicative of what you can achieve.

In many cases, digital imaging might be used to predict your potential results. View these results cautiously, but they can help you plan.

Want to Know More?

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