A story out of the UK shows how dramatically plastic surgery is dropping off recently. After hitting a record high in 2015, plastic surgery procedures dropped off by a striking 40%. Even more dramatically, facelift procedures dropped by 53%!

We’ve never seen such a dramatic dropoff in the US, although we’ve seen a steady decline in the use of facelift procedures. And some of the reason for the dropoff is specific to Britain (*cough*Brexit). But in many ways, this story is illuminative of why people should think twice before getting facelift procedures.

Mature woman smiling

Long Recovery Time

A plastic surgeon who had long wanted to get a facelift at 50 decided she didn’t want to get a facelift. One of the big factors was the length of recovery. She learned that she wouldn’t benefit enough from a basic facelift and would need additional procedures like jawline definition, fillers, and cheek and jowl lifts. As a result, the procedure would require that she be home for about a month.

That long recovery time is related to the serious facial trauma that these procedures cause. With all the cutting and reshaping, people experience significant pain and bruising that takes a long time to resolve.

Missed Work

Part of the problem with the long recovery time from facelift surgery is that you can’t actually work or do other things during the recovery. You’ve had surgery and you need to focus on recovery. And many things you might do over the course of your day–such as working up your heart rate–can interfere with recovery.

So when you’re calculating the cost of your facelift, you have to factor in the lost work time.

Looking for Subtle, Natural Results

One of the other things that puts people off facelifts is that the procedure can dramatically alter your appearance, and not always in a good way. You may not end up looking like yourself after the procedure. And even if you do look like yourself and look younger, the transformation is so sudden and visible that everyone knows you had work done.

Many people are looking for more subtle and natural-looking results.

A Nonsurgical Facelift Can Be the Answer

If you’re unhappy with your aged appearance, but don’t like the idea of getting a facelift, you should consider a nonsurgical facelift. This procedure rejuvenates your appearance by rebuilding the support for the lower third of your face, which tends to erode with age.

By rebuilding the lower part of your face, you restore your face to its natural, youthful proportions. This naturally helps you look younger. And it can help restore your jawline and improve the appearance of sagging cheeks, thin lips, jowls, and many more common symptoms of aging.

Filing out your face from within means you won’t need fillers to restore your cheeks. And you’ll also be getting a more beautiful, youthful smile, something no surgical facelift will do for you.

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