Some people worry that a dental implant might harm natural teeth that are nearby, but the truth is that a properly placed dental implant will primarily help protect your natural teeth. The opposite is not the case, though: your natural teeth might endanger your dental implant, and sometimes we may recommend additional treatments to ensure the health of your implant.

Infected Teeth

Your natural teeth can become infected inside when dental cavities become so deep that they penetrate into the living part of the tooth, called the pulp. This is known as an abscessed tooth, and it’s normally treated with a root canal.

The problem with abscessed teeth is that bacteria don’t just stay in that tooth. They can tunnel through the tooth into the jawbone, and follow the jawbone to infect neighboring teeth and even a dental implant in the area.

Once bacteria reach your dental implant, they can begin to gather around it, damaging the bone that’s supposed to be holding the dental implant in place.

If you have an infected tooth nearby your dental implant, we may recommend that it be treated with a root canal, or, in some cases, removed completely. It’s best to do this before, or at the same time as the dental implant is placed.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is the biggest threat to both your natural teeth and your dental implant. When we are considering placing your dental implant, we will evaluate the state of your gums to determine whether infections around your teeth will put your teeth or dental implant at risk. If necessary, gum disease should be treated before an implant is placed.

Sometimes, we may recommend that teeth endangered by gum disease be removed because they are already at risk and may spread that risk to your implant.

Damaged or Worn Teeth

If your tooth is just worn down or has a minor chip, it normally won’t have to be removed. We will recommend repairs to the tooth as part of your smile rejuvenation to help it look younger and healthier, a good match for your dental implant.

Sometimes, though, we can’t repair a crack in the tooth, and that crack can put the tooth at risk for infection. And that’s when we’ll recommend it be removed.

Dental implants can last a lifetime, but they have to be properly placed and cared for to get optimal results. To learn how we help ensure long-lasting implants, please call (912) 234-8282 for an appointment with a Savannah cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry today.