Whenever you meet someone, they will be judging you on a wide range of factors to try to determine what type of person you are. They will listen to your words, but they will also be looking at you to see what you are saying nonverbally. There are many elements to this nonverbal communication, including both your clothes and your smile.

But if you had to pick one to invest in, which one will make more of a difference? Probably your beautiful smile, and here’s why.

It’s More Memorable

When surveyed about what they remembered from a first impression, nearly half (48%) of people said it was a smile, compared to only a quarter (25%) that remembered what was said. And clothes? Less than 10% remembered what the person wore. In other words, your smile is five times more likely to be remembered than your clothes are. If you want to make a good first impression, then you should be investing in your smile.

It Carries More Information

Clothes say a lot about you, but your smile says even more. Surveys show that people will make judgements about your confidence, competence, flexibility, success,  and income based on your clothes. Your smile also conveys your confidence, success, and income, but it also tells people about your health, intelligence, trustworthiness, happiness, kindness, and sensitivity to others.

And if your smile has visible problems, it could be saying the exact opposite.

It’s More You

People know that you choose your clothes, so they know that you are making a conscious choice about the image you want to present. This can be very favorable for you. But people also know that you can change your clothes, taking them off and putting on others very different. Clothes can be a costume or disguise.

But your smile is something you wear every day. It’s fundamental to who you are, and it’s seen as a more true signal of your character.

It’s More Flexible

And just as you can change your clothes to present a different image at different occasions, you have to do it. You can’t wear the same clothes to a charity ball as you wear to pick up kids at school, volunteer at a soup kitchen, make a site inspection, make deals on the golf course, or pitch an idea to the board. But you can wear the same smile. And it will shine in every instance.

An attractive smile is appropriate for all occasions.

It Lasts Longer

And speaking of flexibility, many clothes can only be worn once, then you have to get rid of them. Even a classic suit can wear out or go out of style, especially if it’s your look of choice. But your smile will last a long time. With new materials, the results of a smile makeover can last ten, twenty years or more.

Make a Smart Investment

You’re probably already investing in your clothes to help maintain your image, but if you’re not making an investment in  your quality smile, now’s the time to start. An investment in your smile will pay greater dividends over a longer time than your clothes.

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