Like it or not, we are frequently judged on our physical appearances. Unfortunately, as we age, our looks can deteriorate, causing us to feel less confident and more introverted. Recently, Allure magazine conducted an aging survey to get the lowdown on how most of us feel about aging, and the results weren’t particularly uplifting.

The Ideal Age

When Allure asked respondents what age they would most like to be, an overwhelming majority said 31. This coincided with attitudes surrounding attractiveness, with men believing that a woman’s beauty tends to peak at 29, and women believing they are most attractive at 31. Likewise, when asked what age a woman is likely to reach her peak of seductiveness, both male and female respondents answered 30.

Going Under the Knife

When it comes to choosing surgery to reduce the appearance of age-related facial flaws, men and women have vastly different feelings. In fact, an astounding 42 percent of women said they would definitely consider plastic surgery or injections to look younger; while only 18 percent of men felt the same.

Women Have it Worse

Unfortunately for members of the fairer sex, age doesn’t appear to have as significant an impact on men. When asked what words they were most likely to associate with a woman who had gray hair, respondents chose “old.” On the other hand, when asked what words they were most likely to associate with a man who had gray hair, respondents chose “distinguished.”

Additionally, when asked who was under the most pressure to look young, 91 percent of women and 84 percent of men said females. Likewise, while only 36 percent of men said they were worried about physical signs of aging, 56 percent of women voiced concern.

Simple Solutions

While we can’t turn back the clock; we can take some simple steps to regain a more youthful look. Over time, our teeth change in ways that make us look older. As we lose our natural bites, our lips thin, creases and jowls begin to appear around our mouths, and our chins may appear to move closer to our noses. This sunk-in look can have a drastic impact on our physical appearance. Fortunately, Dr. Strickland provides nonsurgical facelifts which promote a more youthful appearance by correcting this problem. To learn more, contact our office today.