It’s a concern many people have about getting facelift surgery: will they even look like themselves after the procedure?

This fear became painfully real for three Chinese women. The women had flown to South Korea for facelifts, but were unable to leave the country after the procedure because they no longer looked like their passport photos.

This is just one of the reasons why nonsurgical facelift procedures are increasing in demand.

Hazard of Traveling for Surgery

Medical tourism always carries with it additional risks. You may be unsure about the quality of care you receive, and you can’t work with your surgical doctor for follow-up care. You may even develop travel-related complications.

Nonetheless, South Korea has developed a thriving medical tourism business, attracting many people from China, including these three women who came for facelift surgery.

They had hoped to take advantage of advertised good surgical conditions and results from South Korean clinics. They never thought they’d end up getting stuck in the country for an indeterminate amount of time.

Of course, in the case of these women, the main problem was just the postsurgical swelling and bandaging of their faces. This is a normal consequence of facelift surgery, and everyone faces this, no matter how their results turn out.

This story was reported by Asia Wire, and we’re getting it through The details are sparse and we have to take the reporting with a grain of salt. However, the hazards noted are a true danger for people getting facelift surgery.

Disadvantages of Facelift Surgery

This story highlights again some of the potential drawbacks to facelift surgery. First, there is the problem with badly swollen faces, which is very common for people who get facelift surgery. It’s often associated with bad bruising as well. Although you can return to light duty work a few days after a facelift, many people opt to take weeks off because they want to wait until their swelling and bruising goes down.

Full recovery from a facelift surgery takes months–assuming there are no surgical complications–and the final results may take months after that to be visible. And when the results are visible, you may be unhappy with the extent to which your appearance has changed. That’s because a facelift isn’t really trying to restore your youthful face and appearance, it’s trying to eliminate wrinkles. It cuts and stretches your skin, which can dramatically change the appearance of your face if the structure of your face, including your teeth and jaws, has been changed.

On the other hand, a nonsurgical facelift allows you to avoid these disadvantages of facelift surgery. There is no surgery, so there’s no surgical recovery time. No cuts, bruises, or other damage to your face.

And when results are complete, you will love the way they reconstruct your youthful appearance. You’ll look like you, only younger.

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