There are many things porcelain veneers can do, including resizing and reshaping your teeth. But if you want to make your teeth longer, you should make sure you’ve chosen your cosmetic dentist carefully, because there are several potential challenges that your dentist must address carefully.


They Can Impact Your Natural Teeth

When you change the length of your teeth, you change the occlusion, which is how your teeth come together. If this isn’t done properly, you will find that your upper and lower teeth are coming together much sooner, much more often, and, maybe, much harder than before. This can lead to increased wear on your natural teeth, and not just the ones your veneers contact directly. By disrupting your bite, poorly fitted veneers can cause wear on other natural teeth and may even lead to TMJ.

Veneers Can Be Damaged

Dental veneers are much stronger than they’ve ever been, and, when properly treated they can easily last ten years or more. But if they’ve been fitted poorly, especially in a tooth lengthening procedure, they are more likely to be damaged because they are contacting your other teeth too often.

You Might Experience Difficulty Talking or Chewing

Although we know your smile is of critical importance, we also know it’s not the only thing your teeth are for. Poorly fitted porcelain veneers can change the way your mouth performs its other functions, such as talking or chewing. You need to make sure your dentist takes this into account.

Unattractive or Unnatural Results

Your teeth aren’t perceived simply by themselves–they are part of your overall facial appearance, and they need to be considered in that context. Teeth that are too long can be just as unattractive as teeth that are too short. And if they’re unnaturally long, they are more likely to look fake.

Your Dentist Makes All the Difference

Nothing will make more difference in your cosmetic dentistry than your choice of dentist. You need a dentist who understands the aesthetic and functional aspects of your teeth and has the training, talent, and experience to address them all successfully.

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