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What Makes Our Implant Dentures Different?

allow for great tooth replacement solutions. They let us replace your teeth with functional prosthetics that look great and let you bite and chew normally. All implant dentures are better than traditional dentures, but that doesn’t mean that all implant dentures are created equal. Instead, implant dentures have significant differences in appearance [...]

We Offer Four Nonsurgical Approaches to Rejuvenation

There’s nothing we can do about the march of time. All we can do is try to spend it well. However, as we are using our time to the fullest--loving, laughing, and living--the very things that make life rich can leave their marks on our facial appearance.  If you’re unhappy with the way these [...]

7 Benefits of FOY®  Dentures

If you are considering dentures in Savannah, you should look carefully at your options. Not all dentures are the same. Nor do you have to suffer from the kind of dentures that made life hard for your parents or grandparents. With options like the Denture Fountain of Youth®, also known as ,  you [...]

Chewing Difficulties Compromising Your Health?

If you’re finding it difficult to chew, you’re likely living with compromised health without even realizing it. Chewing difficulties can affect your diet and force you to eat foods that are less healthy. As a result, your overall health might be compromised. Fortunately, at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we can help restore your ability to [...]

6 Signs of Poorly Fitting Dentures

One of the is that dentures often don’t fit well. The good news is that this is one of the most easily correctable denture problems. Fountain of Youth Dentures™ uses a unique design to help your dentures fit better. If you’re not sure if your dentures fit improperly, take a look at [...]

Meet the Best Dentures on the Market: Neuromuscular Dentures

In case you didn’t already know, not every denture is the same. Some look completely fake, some are entirely natural-looking and fool everyone who sees them. Some dentures are custom-made and some are cookie-cutter. One type of dentures that is completely different than the leading economy dentures is . Neuromuscular dentures apply neuromuscular [...]

3 Reasons Why Implant Dentures Break

Are you frustrated because your implant dentures keep breaking? You invested in implant dentures hoping to enjoy the freedom to bite and chew normally, as well as eat a wide range of foods, but now you can’t eat anything with your broken dentures. So what’s causing your implant dentures to break, and how can you [...]

Get Dentures You Can Eat with

Lenny Dykstra is a baseball player from another time, who made the news again last week with the crazy story of how he spent 9 hours searching through the trash outside a restaurant looking for the he’d accidentally thrown away. With the help of his Uber driver (who is also a part-time wrestling [...]

Weight Loss Might Reveal Face Changes Caused by Teeth

As the New Year rolls around again, many people are committing to losing weight again. Most of the time this fails. In fact, you may have a few failed resolutions under your belt in the past. But what happens if you stick to your resolutions and actually lose that weight? Most of the changes will [...]

Why You Can Get a Facelift Effect with Fountain of Youth Dentures™

These days, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are considered very different disciplines. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the original name of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons was the American Association of Oral Surgeons. And when they formed in 1921, they required their members to have both medical and dental degrees. That’s [...]

The Theory, Techniques, and Materials That Set Fountain of Youth Dentures™ Apart

The population in America and the world is aging rapidly. The number of Americans age 65 and older is expected to more than double over the coming decades. As more of us grow old and experience the effects of aging, such as lost teeth, we have to face the consequences. Replacing lost teeth means dentures, [...]

Is Your Chin Disappearing or Multiplying? A Nonsurgical Facelift Can Help

One of the most common complaints people have about the appearance of their chin is that it is receding: it’s not pronounced enough or is too far back. Other people complain that their chins aren’t disappearing but multiplying: they have multiple chins, most of which are made up of fat that accumulates below the neck. [...]

Face Shape, Facial Aging, & Fountain of Youth Dentures™

Not everyone ages at the same rate or in the same way. No matter your true age, there are many factors that will determine your apparent age, including your face shape. And because of the way tooth loss can transform your face shape, it can contribute to your facial aging. Fortunately, can [...]

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