Why Instagram Influencers Love Veneers

Social media has created a new class of professionals: influencers who get paid to post. Their job is to make it look like they live the glamorous life of the rich and famous, then persuade others that certain products or services are part of that life. Looking beautiful is de rigueur for these models-on-the-move, which [...]

Plan Now to Avoid Wedding Delays for Smile Improvements

These days, it’s become more important than ever for brides to have a beautiful, healthy smile. It makes sense. White is traditional for brides, and it’s the most unforgiving color for our smiles. Even a mildly stained smile, or one with gaps, worn teeth, or small teeth can look significantly off by contrast. And with [...]

When Veneers Are the Best Way to Whiten

One of the most common complaints people have about the appearance of their smile is that their teeth are discolored. Normally, teeth whitening is chosen to address this problem. However, teeth whitening is not the only way to brighten your teeth. In fact, there are some situations where veneers [...]

Closer to Permanent: 5 Tips to Make Your Veneers Last

Dental veneers can be a great investment. They can dramatically change the appearance of your smile, essentially giving you an entirely new smile. If you want brighter, straighter, taller, better proportioned teeth, veneers can do it all in one procedure. And, as a result, you can enjoy a better quality of life [...]

Choosing the Best Dentist Adds Value to Your Cosmetic Dentistry

You have your own reasons for wanting to improve your smile. Whether you’re concerned about how the public perceives you or just how you feel about your reflection in the mirror, you want to make sure you get results that you’ll be satisfied with. And that means choosing the right cosmetic dentist. Your selection of [...]

Don’t Believe These Myths about Veneers

Although the internet gives us great exposure to information about the world, it also exposes us to misinformation as well. That’s why we’re offering the following corrective to rumors you might have encountered online about veneers. We want you to understand the truth about this amazing option for giving yourself a smile [...]

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