For Natural Fitting, Pain-Free, Beautiful Smiles

Developed by our own Dr. Rod Strickland, CeraSmile® is a full ceramic bridge of non-removable teeth anchored to dental implants and made with the strongest ceramic available for maximum durability. Designed to help denture wearers and those with poor teeth and bad bridges, this procedure can make you look years younger, providing natural, comfortable teeth.

Before and After

Engineered to fit your face, CeraSmile® incorporates natural facial structure and ideal smile esthetics with a permanent, non-removable solution for people who have lost all of their teeth. Take a look at these before and after photos to see the dramatic transformations.

female patient of Dr. Rod Strickland's CeraSmile before dental treatmentfemale patient of Dr. Rod Strickland after a CeraSmile procedure
Female CeraSmile patient before treatment with Dr. Rod StricklandA female dental patient of Savannah Denture Dentist Rod Strickland showing off her new CeraSmile
Dental patient of Dr. Rod Strickland in Savannah before completing this CeraSmile treatmentMale dental patient of Dr. Rod Strickland showing off his CeraSmile
female dental patients smiling before the benefits of CeraSmilePatient of Dr. Rod Strickland showing off the benefits of CeraSmile
Male dental patient showing off his smile before cosmetic dental work at Beyond Exceptional DentistryMale dental patient of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry showing off his new smile

“I developed CeraSmile® to help eliminate my patient’s embarrassment and worry.”  – Dr. Rod Strickland

Today, Dr. Strickland teaches CeraSmile® to dentists from around the USA and has created a franchised network featuring this new technology. Learn more by visiting