Proper Placement of Dental Implant

One of the benefits of dental implants is their appearance. Dental implants have to be properly placed to ensure that they look natural and attractive. This means that they have to be centered in the gap between the adjacent teeth and have to be angled properly to ensure the optimum placement of your replacement tooth. We want to avoid crowding or gaps on either side of the tooth, and the implant should be straight in the jaw (or at the exact appropriate angle for angled implants).

If we can’t fit the implant between the remaining teeth, or if the gap is too wide to fill with an appropriately-sized tooth, we might recommend orthodontics to create the proper spacing.
Dental Implant Appearance in Savannah was key for this woman and her new smile

Managing Tissue around the Implants

Gum tissue is an essential part of the appearance of your smile. Healthy gum tissue frames your natural teeth and creates a uniform appearance to your smile. But this is a challenge when it comes to your dental implants: the artificial material doesn’t interact as well with gum tissue as your natural teeth do.

If the soft tissue isn’t managed properly, you could end up with black triangles around your dental implant, an uneven gum line that could make your implant look crooked, or thin gum tissue that will reveal the implant underneath.

A skilled implant dentist knows how to manage the soft tissue so that it grows up around the dental implant and stays healthy, creating an appearance just like that of your natural teeth. Sometimes it takes a little longer to ensure the right appearance, and it depends on you to practice good oral hygiene, but it’s worth it.

The Crowning Glory

The chief component of the dental implant that you’ll notice, of course, is the replacement tooth itself. This dental crown has to be shaped and colored to look like it belongs among your other teeth. It should match its partner on the opposite side, but not be exactly identical or mirrored.

We use the most advanced material for dental crowns, which can achieve a natural appearance, capturing the luster and translucency of natural teeth, while still maintaining the illusion that the center of the tooth is dentin and pulp, not ceramic and titanium.

To ensure the best results from your dental implant, we might recommend alteration of your other teeth, too. This might include simple teeth whitening to ensure your smile has the bright youthfulness you want. Or we might recommend that you take the opportunity to fix problems on neighboring teeth such as chipping or discoloration from old fillings. Porcelain veneers or dental crowns can be used to create a smile that is uniformly beautiful.

When you are considering specific trademarked restorations like All-on-4, you need to carefully evaluate the appearance of the restoration. If you’re looking at before and after images for this procedure–or for dental chains like ClearChoice or Teeth Tomorrow–make sure the images you’re looking at are cases performed by the dentist who will be performing your procedure.

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