There is no doubt that LVI has become the most prestigious, leading, post-graduate continuing education center in the world. Our graduates are the cream of the crop and the finest restorative dentists around. Due to the extensive marketing campaigns by LVI, we have also begun to create public awareness of this fact. It won’t be long until “LVIM” after the name of a doctor will indicate superior training and skills to the public. As our efforts to educate the public about neuromuscular dentistry continues, so will their demand for competent restorative neuromuscular dentists.

However, even though doctors have been through our programs, we can’t assure the public that they absorbed the knowledge we presented, or grasp the important concepts of aesthetic restorative neuromuscular dentistry. Since LVI’s reputation depends on the public’s satisfaction and confidence in our doctors, it is important that we KNOW the doctors we direct them to are qualified.

We have worked hard for the past year to develop what we think will be the most important accreditation certification in dentistry. Given a Mastership in Aesthetic Neuromuscular Dentistry by LVI will MEAN something. The public will know that these doctors have acquired the information and education necessary to perform these complex procedures, that they have demonstrated these skills to the faculty of LVI, and that they have made a commitment to continue their education. These WILL be the best of the best, proven and certified as such. Our web sites will give special recognition to these dentists. Since the public is becoming aware of LVI, it will be important.

This is not a replacement for any other accreditation you may want. As with any accreditation, this provides you with a valuable learning experience, to determine yourself whether you grasp the knowledge necessary to provide comprehensive treatment, and will give you the confidence that you are “qualified” to promote yourself as an “expert” in the area of aesthetic restorative neuromuscular dentistry. It is an achievable goal for those that deserve it and have worked to earn it.

I hope you all join me in this wonderful next step for the LVI Family. I am excited about the prospects of announcing to the world, all the qualified doctors who have emerged out of the fire of LVI’s passion. And I commend anyone in advance who has the fortitude to go for the gold and achieve, in our humble opinion, the finest accreditation available in dentistry today.