“You’re investing in yourself. And for me, I’ve seen a huge return on investment”

Jeff Moody and family sitting on their front porch

Jeff Moody’s life was on hold. He felt he didn’t have a smile that he could be proud of out in the world. Jeff didn’t smile or laugh as much as he used to. And he didn’t feel like he could be his true self out in public because his smile didn’t reflect how he felt inside. “My mouth was a poor representation of my health and spirit,” Jeff shared.

Jeff struggled with deteriorating oral health for 5+ years before he found Beyond Exceptional Dentistry and things took a turn for the better.

After learning about a procedure on TV that could help him get back the smile he wanted in his life, Jeff reached out to Beyond Exceptional Dentistry to see if they could help.

Jeff, who struggled with feeling uncomfortable in dentist offices his whole life was greeted with an entirely novel experience when he first visited Beyond Exceptional Dentistry. The staff was so kind and welcoming and the environment of the office cultivated a sense of peace and serenity for Jeff. He knew on his first consultation with Dr. Reeves that this was the right place for him.

“The entire experience has been a real dream. It’s been completely priceless. The only thing I wish I did differently was go to Beyond Exceptional sooner. I wish I had acted faster.”

Jeff now focuses on his ministry work. On the work of helping others find their path in life. His coaching work focuses on a holistic approach to help others achieve a healthier physical, mental, and spiritual life.

Jeff believes so much in the work Beyond Exceptional Dentistry provides, he has begun referring his clients to Beyond Exceptional Dentistry for their own dental health needs.

Jeff Moody and his wife on the beach

He recently completed his 3-month checkup, driving 1.5 hours from Jessup, GA to Savannah to see Dr. Reeves and get a clean bill of health.

Now Jeff lives with no more anxiety or shame about his teeth and oral health. It’s allowed him to focus more on his wife of 20+ years, Jamie, and their three kids, Acie, Austin, and Audrey. He’s able to devote more energy on his ministerial work – on the things that matter most in his life.

“You’re investing in yourself. And for me, I’ve seen a huge return on investment,” Jeff said.