From Frequent Headaches and Jaw Pain and Laying in Bed All Day to a Beautiful New Smile and Pain-Free Life

patient of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry celebrating with flowers

“When they see me coming with tomatoes, they start fighting over them,” Raine says with a chuckle.”

Before Raine’s procedure with Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, she couldn’t get out of bed to help her husband tend to his tomatoes. Raine admits fighting the daily pain was overwhelming.

I reach Raine on a Wednesday afternoon, she’s been working on floral arrangements and quilts for the Fall holidays coming up.

Raine is a Savannah native but was raised outside of the city. I share that I’m from Florida and we bond over our appreciation for Florida beaches.

Raine began crafting in 2001, she knows the exact date because she was headed to a scrapbook store when the World Trade Center towers came down. Her first quilt was for her son, Zachary, a quilt of valor to celebrate him. He was serving in Afghanistan at the time. Her son later came home and had a little girl of his own, named Raine Madison. They call her RJ for Raine Junior.

“We spend a lot of time with our grandbaby. She’s our heart,” Raine says. I can hear the smile in her voice.

Raine’s son now serves in the national guard full-time. And her daughter, Alyx, is a program assistant at a local recreational center.

Raine first found Beyond Exceptional Dentistry after a long, painful journey. Raine had TMJ issues. She had had two surgeries at other offices and still woke up with pain in her jaw and constant headaches that left her in bed most days. The pain and headaches kept her away from what she loved doing most, making quilts, wreaths, and floral arrangements.

Raine had exhausted almost every option. She went to a medical hospital in Augusta and met with jaw experts. They suggested putting replacements in. The procedure would take six hours.

“Will I quit having headaches?” Raine asked. “We can’t guarantee it,” the doctor told her.

Raine decided she wasn’t going to put herself through such an arduous procedure if it couldn’t guarantee the results she needed to live comfortably. Then Raine’s husband did some research and learned that one of the country’s leading experts on TMJ was right here in Savannah at none other than Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

She booked a consultation and immediately felt like she found a new family. Raine and Dr. Reeves bonded over their love of the UGA Bulldogs and Raine even found a friendly office rivalry with Jenni, an Alabama fan, at the front office desk.

“Jenni would ask me if I could make her an Alabama quilt,” Raine shares, “I told her I think my hands might just melt.”

Featured Patient: Raine Harper shows off a beautiful quilt she made
Featured Patient: Raine Harper's beautiful bouquet

“During my consultation, they couldn’t believe how bad my bite was. I could barely open my mouth,” Raine said.

Dr. Reeves and his team knew they could help so he scheduled Raine for a full mouth reconstruction.

After Raine’s procedure, she stopped waking up with jaw pain and daily headaches. “I can get out and do things. I’m not in bed with headaches all the time,” Raine shares. “I tell folks, you got to go see Dr. Reeves. They work miracles.”

“My chiropractor couldn’t believe it,” Raine says, “he said it’s amazing.”

What Raine loves most about Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is that it feels like a family. Raine loves to talk; she was in industrial sales for over 30 years, so she knows how to make a connection.

“I’d go into a meeting and tell them I wouldn’t leave until I got a purchase order,” Raine says with a laugh.

Her clients in sales were her friends too. After so many years, it just happens naturally. Raine is no longer fighting pain, but her friends are right there, play fighting over tomatoes, at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

Relieve Headaches and Jaw Pain in Savannah, GA

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