Delisa, a patient at Savannah's Beyond Exceptional Dentistry shows off her new smile

After receiving The Fountain of Youth Denture Dentures, I can look in the mirror and see me again.

— Delisa M., The Fountain of Youth Denture Patient

Patient Story: Delisa M.

A Note From Delisa:

I’ve been wearing dentures for more than half of my life. I’ve always felt that when I looked in the mirror, my smile didn’t reflect who I was. It just never seemed right. After receiving The Fountain of Youth Denture, I can look in the mirror and see me again. They truly look like the teeth I wish I’d always had. I now have a youthful and natural smile, a smile that truly looks like my own.

Procedures Performed:

Dr. Strickland Says…

Delisa had no teeth and wore dentures for nearly 40 years of her life. With dentures, you lose facial support in your lips, cheeks and chin quicker than someone who has teeth. Delisa began to notice this and was so upset about the way she smiled. She tried other dentures and got the same result.

My Fountain of Youth Denture use muscles and computer testing to put the teeth and dentures in position, lifting the face, cheeks and lips. With Fountain of Youth Denture in place, Delisa gained a more youthful appearance and natural smile.

Savannah Denture Dentist Dr. Rod Strickland