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Technology is only a tool. More important is the dentist who has the skill and training to use the technology to its maximum advantage. But some advanced technologies are important because they allow us to provide you with higher quality results or a better dental experience. By offering Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah, our dentists are constantly evaluating new technologies to determine which ones will provide the most benefits for our patients.

Below are some of the most beneficial technologies that we’ve incorporated into our practice.

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Comfort Technology


Have you ever wished you could just be relaxed at the dentist? Neither anxious nor drugged, but just calm and peaceful? That’s what NuCalm can do for you–give you a peaceful experience at the dentist. Using neuroscience, NuCalm utilizes your body’s natural relaxation mechanisms to disarm anxiety responses, so that you can enter a meditative state during your dental treatments.

The Wand

The Wand is a computerized anesthesia system that allows us to precisely deliver anesthetic to you at a gentle flow rate. It’s not a traditional syringe, so it doesn’t hurt like a traditional injection. And because the delivery is more precise and targeted, we can get the treatment area numb without numbing your entire face–you will be able to leave our office and return to normal life without worrying that you will look funny, be incomprehensible when you talk, or spill food all over when you try to eat.

Sedation Therapy

Through the use of specific monitoring equipment and pills (not IV), you can wake up with a new smile!


“Laughing gas” makes your dental visits more comfortable and our jokes funnier!


Laser technology provides quicker, more precise, and more comfortable treatment.

Micro Abrasion

Micro abrasion technology to provide certain small fillings without needing shots or a drill.


We provide audio, video, DVD, entertainment to attract your attention while you receive our services.

Custom Chairs

We designed our own patient chairs for your comfort. They even have vibration and heating pads!

Cosmetic Technology

Whitening Technology

We can whiten your smile in as little as an hour or provide you with custom trays for at home use.

Porcelain Technology and Metal Free Technology

We no longer need to use ugly metals in your mouth.

Computer Imaging

By using computer graphics and simulations, we can design you a new smile and show you the finished result before you begin treatment.

Treatment Technology

Surgical Lasers – We have additional lasers that we use for gum treatment and resculpting, providing a quick and precise result.

Intraoral Cameras

Not everything we want to see in the mouth is visible on x-rays. We want to see your teeth and gums, how they look and what issues we might want to keep an eye on. An intraoral camera takes a digital picture inside your mouth so that you can see what we see and make an informed decision about the best treatment for you.

Digital X-ray

Digital x-rays are a dramatic improvement over traditional x-ray films. Now we can upload your x-rays to any computer, allowing you to see them when we do, which can be much faster because there’s no need to develop a film. We can magnify the image so we can look closely at areas of concern together.

As a side bonus, digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.


In the past, dentists checked how well your teeth meet using tools like contact paper, which you bite down on to die the teeth due to contact. This is very crude because it only allows a dentist to check your bite in one place at a time, and is not very accurate for estimating the amount of force your teeth contact with. Tekscan is a digital measure of how your teeth are contacting. Not only does it show where your teeth contact and where they don’t, it also shows how much force each contact has, and how that force distributes over time. This helps us design dental implants, dentures, smile makeovers, and more that preserve a balanced, comfortable bite.


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a form of three-dimensional x-ray that lets us look at the structures of your head and jaw in great detail. We can use CBCT to plan your dental implant procedure, check your temporomandibular joints, and assess other structures that don’t show up well on flat x-rays.

TENS (J-5 Myomonitor)

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a system that allows us to precisely stimulate your muscles, creating a relaxed state. The J-5 is a TENS unit designed specifically for use on the jaw as part of neuromuscular dentistry treatment.


The K-7 system includes three tools that help us scientifically measure the state and function of your jaw. This gives us the data we need to perform evidence-based adjustments that will relieve your TMJ symptoms, including headaches. The K-7 includes an electrosonograph, computer jaw tracking, and an electromyograph. The electrosonograph lets us listen to your jaw joint to assess its function and any potential friction or other damage. The computer jaw tracking helps us understand whether your jaw has any irregular motions as it moves through its full range of motion. The electromyograph allows us to measure the activity levels of your muscles. It tells us whether your muscles are achieving a reasonable rest position or if they remain stressed.

Specialized Training – Each year we complete hundreds of hours in specialized training to insure you receive the most modern technology

VersaWave Hard & Soft Tissue Laser

When it comes to gum recontouring and other procedures where we have to cut your gum tissue, a laser works much better than a scalpel. The laser allows for more precise shaping, reduces discomfort, reduces bleeding, and eliminates bacteria at the treatment site. This makes for a more comfortable treatment and better quality results with less risk of complications.

This new laser is the most practical and least invasive laser on the market. It is a huge advancement allowing us to preform many new procedures that once would have required a scalpel and stitches.

Examples of procedures that can be preformed with the VersaWave:

  • Cosmetic Gum Recountouring
  • Cosmetic Bone Recountouring
  • Periodontal (gum) Treatments
  • Small cavities treated without the drill
  • And many more

Experience the Benefits of Technology

These are just a few of the technologies that we offer for our patients. If you want to learn about other technologies or experience how they can give you a better dental experience, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a Savannah cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.