For the majority of the 20th Century, it wasn’t very hard to identify dental work, thanks to the familiar silver-colored amalgam used to fill cavities. Over time, however, this material has fallen out of favor, due to concerns over aesthetics, environmental pollution and health.

These days, most dental professionals rely on metal-free materials to repair cavities; however, millions of people still wear mercury-based amalgam inside their mouths. Unfortunately, these antiquated fillings aren’t ideal for a variety of reasons. Among other things, they’re prone to cracking, often darken with age, and – most importantly – they may have the potential to cause health problems.

Cause for Concern?

Since mercury is a very toxic substance, even slight exposure can cause damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs. Numerous medical experts have expressed strong concern that amalgam fillings could be a significant source of mercury exposure. Unfortunately, public awareness doesn’t appear to reflect this concern; in fact, a 2006 poll conducted by Zogby International found that nearly three-quarters of Americans didn’t even know their silver amalgam fillings contained mercury.

Researchers have been studying the potential negative health effects associated with mercury fillings for some time. Several studies have shown that people who have these fillings tend to show higher levels of toxic mercury in their organs and urine. This type of research has caused many people to think about replacing their existing fillings with modern tooth-colored fillings made out of composite or porcelain resin.

A Smart Upgrade

If you are worried about the potential health risks associated with your existing mercury fillings, now is a great time to upgrade to composite or porcelain materials. These fillings don’t just offer a mercury-free alternative to traditional amalgam; they’re more attractive, stronger and harden much more quickly.

Whether you are worried about the potential health impact of your old silver fillings or just hate the way they look inside your mouth; molar cosmetic filling upgrades are exactly what you need. Contact our office in Savannah today to learn more about this beneficial treatment.