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Bringing vitality and youth to your smile through
cosmetic and preventative dentistry.

Bringing vitality and youth to your smile through cosmetic and preventative dentistry.

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Welcome to Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

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Dr. Ryan Reeves, Dr. Bril, and the team at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry welcome you to our cosmetic dental office in Savannah, GA. We strive to provide comforts and amenities that make each patient feel welcome, at ease, and restored. Enjoy the view of our courtyard as we discuss your smile goals and aspirations; relax and unwind, knowing that your smile and health are in skilled, capable hands.

Each patient we see is unique and special. That’s why we provide treatment custom-tailored to your health, goals, and comfort level. When you enter Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, expect nothing less than the leading edge of technology and expertise that dentistry offers. You’ll leave feeling pampered, restored, and transformed.

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Meet Our Savannah Cosmetic Dentists

Dr. Reeves and Dr. Bril have devoted their careers to helping you feel like your best self. They’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to advanced training and dental research and development to revitalize your smile, renew your health, and restore your youthful glow. 

Dr. Ryan Reeves
Dr. Kevin Bril

Your Savannah Cosmetic Dentists Offer

A Dental Experience Like None Other

Our new patient experience is unrivaled because we take the time to really get to know you, your health, and understand your goals. This conversation is pivotal to our treatment, so we are happy to spend the time with you. We’ll take before and after photos using spacers and dental wax to simulate your end result. Then, we photoshop the images so you can see your ending smile before we even begin. The smile you’ve wished for your whole life is just around the corner.

Restore Your Youth with a Non-Surgical Facelift in Savannah

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop at your teeth. We focus on restoring your youthful face with our holistic, physiologic approach to dentistry. Our cosmetic dentists think, “why did this concern occur?” so they can improve upon the root of your concern instead of simply slapping a bandaid over the problem.

We restore your youth with a non-surgical facelift. This revolutionary technique takes years off a person’s face without an invasive procedure. Your teeth and jaw are the form that holds your skin in place. When this form is diminished by lost teeth and lost jawbone, your face begins to look aged. Restoring the full height of your teeth and jawbone will smooth wrinkles and eliminate turkey neck and jowls. After a non-surgical facelift, you’ll look in the mirror and see the familiar youthful person you feel inside.

Let Your Smile Shine with a Smile Makeover

Are there aspects of your smile that you wish could be different? They can, with a smile makeover. A smile makeover is a series of cosmetic dentistry treatments that transform your smile into one you are proud to show off. Smile makeovers can give you confidence like never before, so you can live your life to the fullest.

A smile makeover can correct orthodontic issues, replace missing teeth, improve your profile, repair damaged teeth, whiten your smile, and more. Our Savannah cosmetic dentists consider your teeth, gums, jaw, and profile when making smile recommendations. We’ll listen to your concerns and plan your smile together.

We Welcome Patients from Around the World

People all over enjoy world-class dentistry in Savannah, GA. You’ll be greeted with the same Southern hospitality and cutting-edge dentistry as our local patients.