Welcome to Our Dental Practice

Our practice is probably not like any dental practice you’ve ever visited. Our focus is strictly on providing the best experience possible for our patients. This is what we believe all patients deserve:

  • To be given (to new patients and also periodically) a full dental assessment/full treatment plan in order to accomplish the level of dental health and aesthetics the patient wants to achieve.
  • To be treated with the respect and dignity in a guilt free environment, especially related to any dental health issues the patient is now experiencing.
  • To have all treatment completed in comfortable manner; to have options for sedation by Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), sedation by pill form, or more complete sedation as needed.
  • To have all treatment completed on time in least amount of appointments possible.
  • To understand the difference between health orientated and cosmetic orientated treatment.
  • To have access to the best materials, laboratories, technology, and techniques available in dentistry today.
  • For all treatment to be driven and guided for benefit of patient and not for benefit of insurance company and for dental office to file all paperwork and explain all dental benefits to patient.
  • To provide multiple payment options as well as long term payment plans.
  • All cost to be fully explained and in writing.
  • To receive guarantee, both in terms of results and in terms of time guarantees.
  • For dental office to be available for fast and expedient emergency treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Total Comfort is our Goal

Our Savannah dental office places special emphasis on providing gentle, personalized care for your complete dental needs. We offer a full range of techniques for your total comfort during office visits. If you are the least bit anxious about dental visits, this is the office for you!

We offer mild analgesics prior to treatment, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Our office also makes nitrous oxide and Sedation Dentistry available to ease the “butterflies.” We use the “Wand”, which is a state of the art injection technique that is virtually painless.

Our rooms are equipped with DVD players. We have films available, or you can bring your own. We also have “movie glasses” which bring the movie up close and helps to block out your surroundings.

We offer state of the art BOSE music headsets for your entertainment during your treatment visits. You can listen to our pre-loaded iPods, or bring your own.

Our patient chairs offer heat and massage for your relaxation, and to make you more comfortable.

For additional information, please contact us or visit the Technology section to learn about our techniques and tools.

See Our Office

When you enter our courtyard you will begin to sense that you are in no ordinary dental office; but have instead entered a comfortable home. The traditional sounds, smells, and appearance of a dental office have been replaced with those of comfort and relaxation. The environment sets the expectation for the type of treatment which you will receive. Your every dental need will be met and your desires for a new smile fulfilled.

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Office outdoor walkway
Beyond Exceptional Dentistry patient parking sign
Office outdoor walkway
Office door and entry walkway
Office outdoor entryway
The main door and stairway to the office
The entryway into the Beyond Exceptional Dentistry office
waiting room inside of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
treatment room inside of Beyond Exceptional Dentiistry
chair in waiting room at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
Bouquet of flowers and mirror in the waiting room at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
waiting room at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
A large light fixture hanging over the lobby at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
A couch and fridge in the Savannah dental office of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
A office employee utilizing the refrigerator in the lobby
A coffee machine and refrigerator in the office lobby
Coffee machine in the lobby
A hallwayat Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
Dr. Strickland working with a coworker
A plant in the Savannah dental office of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
A office worker working at a computer while answering the phone
A sculpture in the office of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry
Dr. Reeves with a coworker
A hallway in the office
Awards and decorations in the office