If you’re unhappy with your current dentures, your dentist might be telling you there’s nothing he can do. Dentures have limitations, he says, and they’re not like natural teeth. But we can help you get dentures that are more like your natural teeth, and help you live life without the limitations your dentures cause.

Here are some of the common complaints people have about their dentures, and what we can do to eliminate them.

Dentures Fall Out or Move

Traditional dentures are notorious for their tendency to move around in the mouth and fall out at the worst times. Whenever you talk, laugh, cough, or sneeze, you might see your dentures come out of your mouth.

However, the Denture Fountain of Youth®  achieves a better fit thanks in part to our use of a dynamic impression process. This helps us understand how your dentures have to fit a mouth in motion, so we make sure your dentures have an ideal fit, even when you’re talking or chewing. 

My Bite Doesn’t Feel Right

Often, denture dentists use traditional methods to fit dentures. These traditional methods have been handed down for centuries, and sometimes they neglect aspects of the mouth that we understand better now. One of these neglected aspects is the modern understanding of how the bite works, what we describe as neuromuscular dentistry.

Our dentists design FOY® Dentures using all the insights of modern dentistry, including neuromuscular dentistry. This helps ensure that your bite will feel right when you get your new dentures. 

They Make Me Look Old

It’s unfortunately true that many people look older in dentures than they should. Some of this is the natural loss of bone that occurs in the jaw after you lose your teeth. But it’s also that most dentures just don’t replace lost bone as well as the teeth. Denture dentists often make denture teeth too short.

But FOY ®  Dentures™ are designed to help you look younger. Using neuromuscular dentistry, we design dentures that do not just to fit in your mouth, but to harmonize with the muscles, bones, and joints of your face. This ensures your dentures are designed not just to look beautiful, but to provide the optimal support for your facial tissues, providing for a more youthful appearance by supporting your jaw, cheeks, and, especially, your lips.

My Dentures Make Me Gag

One of the hardest things to live with is dentures that make you gag. Your dentures are, technically, nonfood objects that are in your mouth, which is why your body responds by gagging. But they don’t have to feel like foreign objects. With FOY ®  Dentures, the optimal fit helps dentures avoid encroaching on sensitive parts they’re not supposed to touch, so you gag less.

Combined with dental implants, FOY®  Dentures can feel just like your natural teeth, so you won’t get that foreign object sensation that triggers gagging.

Can’t Chew Food

Many people have difficulty chewing food with dentures. They then tend to eat junk food that doesn’t require much chewing or chew food quickly, leading to overeating and weight gain.

Inability to chew food can come from dentures being poorly fitted or loose. It might also be because dentures are made with soft, plastic teeth that can’t cut or grind food very well.

FOY® Dentures utilize the latest advanced ceramic teeth, which are both durable and sharp, helping you to chew your food effectively.

Can’t Taste Food

Not being able to taste your food is a common upper denture problem. If you can’t taste your food with dentures, it might be because you’re not able to chew properly. Food passes through your mouth too quickly to distribute flavors. But it might also be because your denture plate covers your upper palate. Your upper palate is almost as important as your tongue for tasting food, and covering it with a denture can make it very hard to taste.

Trimming the denture can help improve taste, but if you really want to improve your taste, dental implants can be used to eliminate the upper plate altogether. Your upper palate will be completely free to taste food and drink.

Speech Problems

Speech problems come in many categories. Sometimes your dentures are making sounds you don’t want them to, and other times your dentures aren’t making the sounds you want them to. Dentures can make clicking sounds when they hit each other or whistling sounds when air travels under them. Securing dentures with dental implants will eliminate these sounds, so people hear you, not your dentures.

Another problem is when dentures don’t allow you to clearly form speech sounds. This may be because dentures aren’t properly fitted to allow your mouth to form a proper resonance chamber. Teeth that are too short, dentures that are too bulky, and other fitting problems can prevent you from speaking clearly. Properly fitting dentures can help you speak as you did with your natural teeth.

Dentures You’ll Brag, Not Complain about

If you’re looking for dentures that will give you nothing but positive things to say about them, we can help. Please contact us by email, or call us at (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a Savannah denture dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.