Cosmetic Dentistry Done Right

Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of ensuring that your smile looks beautiful. Because looking good is an essential function of your smile, cosmetic dentistry is as important as any other type of dentistry, and if you’re going to get it—you want to get it done right. That way your smile will be ready for all the special occasions in your life, like a wedding or public appearance.

We offer many different cosmetic dentistry procedures, including:

In Savannah, Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is what we do, including cosmetic dentistry. People travel from around the world to enjoy our world-class dentistry. Here’s why.

Great Results

woman showing off before and after cosmetic dentistry smileCosmetic dentistry, first and foremost, has to look great. Our smile gallery speaks for itself. We encourage you to take a look at those examples of our work and see with your own eyes the results we are capable of getting for our patients. And for every example on our website, we have dozens more that we can show you during your consultation. We are proud of all our work and we are happy to show it off.

Not all dentists are capable of great cosmetic dentistry. It’s a question of technology, training, and talent.


We have invested in some of the best technology available in cosmetic dentistry, equipment that allows us to do things that would have seemed impossible. But it’s more than just an investment for us, it’s an innovation. Many of the technologies we use—like The Fountain of Youth Denture®—we have developed either wholly or in part ourselves. Another important technology we use is Tekscan, a digital bite measurement that allows us to see just how much pressure is being put on every tooth and every restoration. This allows us to balance the forces and protect your teeth and restorations from damage and wear.


Our dentists also have some of the best training available. With hundreds of hours of continuing education in cosmetic dentistry and other areas, we are proud to be part of the first dentists to be honored with a mastership by the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.


And then there’s the unteachable aspects of cosmetic dentistry, the talent that sets some dentists apart from others. Your dentist’s talent makes a difference in making the right decisions about how to achieve the best results. Talent also matters in the tiny motions required for preparing teeth, placing restorations. And then there’s the artistic eye in deciding what really makes a smile attractive. Our dentists excel in all of these areas, which is why they’re often considered to be the best dentists in Savannah.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry in Savannah

Cosmetic dentistry is about making your smile look good, but that’s not all that matters. Your smile has to fit your mouth and be in harmony with your facial muscles and with your natural teeth.

Our dentists are trained in neuromuscular dentistry and the treatment of TMJ, which makes them acutely aware of how your bite is impacted by cosmetic dentistry and other restorations. This allows them to design the best restorations, but also allows them to spot and treat bite problems that can lead to discomfort and damage to your restorations.

A Wonderful Experience

Speaking of comfort, it is one of our primary concerns that each of our patients have a wonderful experience every time they visit our office for cosmetic dentistry or any other reason. But you don’t have to take our word for it—check out our testimonials page and check out the testimonials from our Savannah cosmetic dentistry patients as well as our out of town guests.

Even more than their delight at the wonderful results they achieve, our patients praise our ability to give them an outstanding experience each and every time they’re in our office.

If you would like to learn for yourself what sets cosmetic dentistry apart in Savannah, please contact us or call us at (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with one of our cosmetic dentists.