How Your Teeth Impact Your Facial Appearance

When your facial tissues developed, they grew around the framework provided by your bones and teeth. This created the youthful appearance of your face.

As your teeth wear, though, they can shrink, changing the proportion and shape of your face. Your face becomes shorter and rounder, less an elegant oval, attractive heart, or strong square, and more just a more aged circle.

You may notice these specific changes:

  • Your lips change shape, becoming thin, compressed, and wrinkled
  • Jowls appear as excess fat and skin begin to sag at the jaw line
  • A deep crease develops between your chin and lower lip
  • The skin of your lower face becomes squished

With an overall result in a sagging facial appearance, more wrinkles, and an appearance that is older than your true age.

A nonsurgical facelift restores your teeth to their youthful proportions, and when we do that, we change your face back to the way it used to be. Many of the above changes you may have noticed will be minimized or eliminated.

Tekscan helps us make this amazing transformation. Tekscan measures the forces in your bite, showing how much pressure is put on each tooth and restoration. That means that your new smile won’t just look like a youthful, healthy one, it will feel like one, too.

Why a Nonsurgical Facelift May Be Better Than a Surgical One

When plastic surgeons try to correct the sagging tissue of your face, they are working with the bone and tooth structure they find. They will pull skin and muscle up and back, tightening them and cutting away the “excess” to create a youthful appearance based on your aged teeth. The result can look unnatural or may just not be you.

Our nonsurgical facelifts, though, work by restoring your teeth to their proper proportion. Your skin and muscles then are naturally accommodated to this more youthful structure.

You don’t even have to schedule an appointment to learn how we may be able to improve your appearance. Just click here to send us a digital image, and we’ll send you back a simulation of your new smile.

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