patient of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

After a couple of attempts at getting a great look, I found Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, and I cannot say enough about how it changed my life. I smile for the camera now.


Patient Story: Bellamy

A Note From Bellamy:

For years I hid behind my artwork. I was never really happy after multiple attempts at trying to a great smile. They were always failed. I didn’t smile. Now, after I found Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, I feel like I’ve gotten my life back and I now smile for the camera. People tell me I’m beautiful which I love. I am happier. I’m a happier artist. I’m a happier woman for it.

Procedures Performed:

Dr. Reeves Says…

Our patient was uncomfortable with her smile and her bite was misaligned. I was able to identify her natural jaw position and work to adjust the alignment in order to restore a proper bite. We use a machine to monitor and stimulate her muscles as well as relaxation techniques over a series of appointments – all without surgery. Using this technology and treatment called physiologic dental treatment, it allowed me to evaluate the adjustments needed to get her back to her most comfortable state. With a neutral jaw position, the muscles no longer strain and are able to relax since the bones are adjusted back to their original and natural position. Bellamy now smiles for the camera with an increased range of motion, with less pain in her neck and has a beautiful smile.

Savannah Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ryan Reeves