Six Month Smiles in Savannah, GA

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

This is a new approach to orthodontics that is growing in popularity because it offers many benefits over traditional braces. With Six Month Smiles, you can enjoy:

  • Results in an average of six months
  • Shorter appointments
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Subtle appearance
  • Reliable, predictable results

When people hear about Six Month Smiles, they love the thought of getting results in about six months. Where traditional braces can take a year or more, Six Month Smiles is true to its name: most people get straight teeth in six months.

But that’s not the only way it saves you time. The tightening appointments are shorter for this approach. When you come in, we have everything laid out and ready to go, so you can get in and out faster.

It is also more comfortable than traditional braces. You will experience less discomfort throughout the treatment.

The appearance is also very subtle. It uses clear brackets and a white wire so that it’s practically invisible.

Finally, we draw from our cumulative experience with braces–centuries of research and insight go into designing your treatment. That way, you get results that are predictable–you’ll get the results you’re looking for in the predicted time. Unlike with aligners, there’s a low risk that you’ll have to spend extra time in treatment with refinements.

How Six Month Smiles Achieves Its Results

How can the system achieve faster results using the same approach as traditional braces? The secret is that Six Month Smiles works smarter, not harder.

Some teeth in your mouth are quick and easy to move. Others take more time. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, we can usually do that just by moving the front teeth that are easy to move. We can leave the back teeth, which are slow to move, in place.

Not only does this make the treatment faster, it reduces discomfort, since most discomfort is related to moving those large, back teeth.

In addition, Six Month Smiles benefits from new efficiency studies to streamline treatment appointments. That means that you won’t spend as much time in the chair at each appointment.

Are You a Candidate?

Six Month Smiles can achieve great results for the right people. However, it’s not right for everyone. Because it doesn’t move the large back teeth, it isn’t good for people who have bite problems, such as TMJ.

During your consultation, we will listen to your smile goals. We’ll perform a comprehensive exam to match you to the perfect treatment.  The treatment plan will achieve your goals in a way that gives healthy, attractive, long-lasting results. This may be Six Month Smiles, or perhaps a different approach to a smile makeover.

To learn whether Six Month Smiles is a good match for you, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Savannah, GA at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.