Other Clear Braces, Orthodontics, and Traditional Metal Braces

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Clear braces, orthodontics, and traditional braces like the metal ones many people will avoid at all costs serve the same purpose of straightening your teeth, but they do so at different rates of speed and with a bit more discomfort. With Six Month Smiles®, less time is needed in the dentist’s chair, and the results are pain-free and impressive. No one will know you’re wearing Six Month Smiles® unless you tell them. While they may not be as invisible as Invisalign®, they’re still challenging to detect.

Traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable and require numerous visits for adjustments. The braces, brackets, and wires may cut the inside of your mouth, and they are unsightly in the eyes of many of our patients.

Other clear aligner systems work but don’t work as quickly and efficiently as Six Month Smiles®. The efficiency of Six Month Smiles® is one of its most appealing factors, and it delivers a stunningly straight smile every time.

The benefits of Six Month Smiles® are many:

    • Results in an average of six months
    • Shorter appointments
    • Comfortable treatment
    • Subtle appearance
    • Reliable, predictable results

Six Month Smiles® Candidacy

While some people make great candidates for this fantastic teeth straightening system, some bite problems may preclude you from being able to use Six Month Smiles®.

Since orthodontics such as Six Month Smiles® work well at moving the easier-to-move front teeth, if you have worn back teeth from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) or you have a misaligned bite (malocclusion), you will not be a good candidate for this type of teeth straightener. Back teeth are much slower to move than front teeth, and bite issues must be corrected before any teeth straightening treatment. Crooked or worn down back teeth will prevent you from being a good candidate for Six Month Smiles®.

If you require more intensive treatment than Six Month Smiles® provides, Dr. Ryan Reeves will offer some treatment options that will still accomplish your goals but do so differently than the Six Month Smiles® system. Bite issues like TMJ require fixing more than just a simple crooked smile, but Dr. Reeves is a reconstructive dentist, and he offers numerous treatment options for any bite issues or dental problems too difficult for Six Month Smiles® to fix.

Six Month Smiles® vs. Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Six Month Smiles® offers fast, effective, affordable teeth straightening in about six months, whereas Invisalign® usually takes longer to achieve the straight smile patients seek.

Six Month Smiles® is available as clear aligners or brackets with tooth-colored wires. Like the clear aligners of Invisalign®, clear aligners are more discreet, but the clear brackets are also discreet and much less noticeable than traditional metal braces. 

Six Month Smiles® will fix minor problems, including:

  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Slight overcrowding of teeth
  • Minor crooked teeth

Invisalign® can fix more serious flaws in your smile, including:

  • More crooked teeth
  • Larger gaps between teeth
  • More overcrowded teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites

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