Dr. Brad Durham, founder of Beyond Exceptional DentistryDr. Brad Durham

Founded by Dr. Brad Durham of Savannah, originally as Durham Dental, Dr. Durham had a vision of a dental office that was “beyond.” He wanted to go beyond what the insurance companies said that patients deserved. After training at various post-doctoral dental training centers, Dr. Durham learned that dental school did not teach him everything that was possible, and he started going beyond what other dentists thought was possible.

He developed a new approach to cosmetic dentistry that created amazing results while also improving the patient’s function, often resolving TMJ disorder symptoms. He and the team at the office adopted this as our new standard of care.

Dr. Durham presented this high level of treatment with an in-office patient experience that was unlike anything anyone had seen.  The results were astounding, leading to the new tagline, “Beyond exceptional dentistry.” It attracted patients like Paula Deen, and many other pillars of the Savannah community.

After decades of beyond exceptional dental care, Dr. Durham retired, as Dr. Rod Strickland and Dr. Ryan Reeves took over the office’s ownership. At that time the office’s tagline became the new office name, Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

Dr. Rod Strickland, a once practicing dentist in Savannah Dr. Rod Strickland

When Dr. Strickland came to Savannah to work with Dr. Durham, the office’s beyond exceptional transformation was already well underway, but there was one segment of the patient base that needed the beyond treatment: dentures. Dissatisfied with the limitations of conventional dentures, which often led to ill-fitting and uncomfortable patient solutions, Dr. Strickland embarked on a mission to combine the principles of aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry to design a denture that improved function, smile aesthetics, comfort, and even provided a youthful transformation of the patient’s overall appearance. Using this new approach, Dr. Strickland brought dentures to new heights. He eventually trademarked the process with the name Denture Fountain of Youth® or FOY® Dentures.

People came to Beyond Exceptional Dentistry from several states away to get the new, innovative dentures that transformed their appearance and how they felt. Dr. Strickland even began training other dentists on the new FOY® Dentures technique, again expanding the Beyond Exceptional Dentistry influence well beyond the borders of Georgia.

After two decades of unparalleled service at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, Dr. Rod Strickland left the practice to embark on a new journey.

Dr. Ryan Reeves, cosmetic dentist in Savannah Dr. Ryan Reeves – A Legacy of Learning and Leadership

Dr. Reeves has been a leader in dentistry since dental school. Coming from a family of dentists, when looking for an office that would allow him to grow, he became aware of a growing office in Savannah with great dentists who could help him continue his journey as an innovative dentist. Dr. Durham hand selected Dr. Reeves to come join Beyond Exceptional Dentistry to evolve what he started. Upon joining the Beyond Exceptional Dentistry team, Dr. Reeves assumed the role of owner and managing dentist.

Embodying the reputation of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, Dr. Ryan Reeves brings a commitment to continued professional development and educational mastery. His engagement with advanced curricula, such as the highly revered Masterclass series, underlines his pursuit of dental excellence. Dr. Reeves’s notable inclusion in South Magazine’s list of Greatest Dentists underscores his reputation in the community and the dental profession.

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence

Dr. Reeves’ focus on continued education reflects the practice’s dedication to delivering the highest level of dental care. His proficiency in the latest dental techniques and methodologies has ensured that patients receive care that is both modern and effective, seamlessly integrating the latest advancements in dental care with tried-and-true methods.

The Future of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

As Beyond Exceptional Dentistry looks to the future, Dr. Reeves’ influence is evident in the practice’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. His leadership helps to ensure that the legacy of providing beyond exceptional dentistry continues, with each patient receiving personalized care that leverages the full spectrum of his extensive dental training and expertise.

We want you to become a part of our practice’s amazing story. If you’re interested in Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, contact our office today by calling (912) 234-8282.