Sedation Dentistry

Your Teeth Need a Spa, Too

Did you know that enamel, the bright, shiny white layer on the outside of your teeth, wasn’t found in the mouth at first? Recent discoveries show that tooth enamel evolved first on scales covering the face of certain fish, then progressed into the mouth to provide their strength to help with chewing. Why does it [...]

Going to the Dentist Shouldn’t Feel Like Going Back in Time

A recent editorial in the Washington Post and the Guardian focuses on how going to the dentist feels like a trip back in time for many people. The article points its finger at dentists who are still using antiquated techniques to treat dental disease, but not all dentists will give you that impression. When you [...]

Neuroscientists Highlight Role of Sound in Dental Anxiety

Neuroscientists have been providing us great insights into the core reasons why people experience dental anxiety for a long time. After all, NuCalm drug-free sedation dentistry is the result of applying complex neuroscience to the issue of dental anxiety. Researchers recently presented work at the Society of Neuroscience convention further enhancing our understanding [...]

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