While spring is in the air, this season is a bit different than any spring that we have experienced before. For the past three months, many of us spent our days inside of our homes instead of enjoying the beautiful blooms, chirping birds, and long days on the beach. As things begin to open again, we are trying our best to navigate this new way of living, and finding a new “normal.” Something seems off. And it is. It’s the new world we’re living in due to COVID-19. Knowing this, it comes as a surprise to not be able to pin down Robin Greco for an interview to learn more about her story.

Beyond Exceptional Dentistry recently launched a new campaign to take a deeper dive into the changed lives of our patients. We hear the stories and challenges of every patient that has walked through our doors for the last forty years, and it really is beyond exceptional. We share these stories with you because we are so overcome with the life changes our patients have. It’s night and day. They can live again. They can play with their grandkids again. They can or have something to smile about again. 

So I started chatting with Robin to confirm the best time for an interview. She shares “I’m getting masks ready to deliver right now. Can we do this later?” Masks? I know Robin’s known to be crafty but thinking she must be delivering masks to her husband’s medical practice. Dr. Richard Greco is a well-known plastic surgeon in town. There’s been a shortage of masks due to this dreaded virus. That must be it. 

Certainly. We’ll do this interview later. She continues, “It’s crazy. My friend and I have been so busy! Who could have known?” That afternoon we connected and I learned Robin has been busy making masks for the public and donating the proceeds to her favorite animal charity Georgia Rescue Rehabilitation & Relocation (GRRR).  “I have made a ton (of masks) and my other friends who I have helped make hundreds too!”

Dr. Richard Greco, M.D. modeling his wife’s creative handiwork 

“GRRR is dedicated to rescuing small breed dogs under 30 lbs in weight from owners who are no longer able to care for them from public shelters without a “no-kill” policy, and from situations where they have suffered abuse or neglect,” their Facebook page states. This is a new organization I was unfamiliar with. Founded in 2011, it’s a small 501(c)(3) rescue organization that serves Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding counties. They are committed to helping both the neediest and readily adoptable animals in our community. Worthy cause!

Our office has gotten to know Robin over the years. We knew she had a giving heart and had done work for non-profits in the past. Robin is charging $10 for masks and giving all the money to GRRR. 

Guy with a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19
decorative handmade masks for preventing the Coronavirus
Handmade masks

We continue the conversation as I’m wondering if the crafts she is so well known for are still an item, “I am doing some Easter wreaths. Working on one for a baby shower. I’m also getting ready to do some patriotic ones next.” She doesn’t stop. And yes, all of the monies are donated to GRRR. Robin has raised over $10,000 for this organization, starting with these over-the-top detailed wreaths.

An elaborate Easter wreath, designed by Robin Greco with all proceeds going to Georgia Rescue Rehabilitation & Relocation.

Having been to Robin’s home before, we knew she was a little fanatic about little dogs. She has three that are the heads of the household. “If I could bring all the shelter dogs to my house I would, but my husband isn’t the animal lover to the extent I am,” she says with a bit of sadness to her tone. Instead, she’s helping find homes for them. 

Using her creative talents and opening her heart; she is truly beyond exceptional! 

How did all this start, you wonder? Robin shared “I got the worst wreath delivered in the mail. I said ‘Oh my gosh, for $300 I’m sending it back and making one myself!’ I posted a picture of the result and that is how it started. Everyone wanted one. I just love doing it and helping out a cause so worthy.”

Robin continues to share that Savannah has been so good to her and her husband. “We have been blessed,” she states. On any given day you can find Robin donating food to the needy, helping save wildlife, making wreaths to raise funds for this nonprofit and now, face masks to protect the community. “God wants you to share! That’s why I’m finding this time to be a blessing. People actually care!” I can hear her smiling.

Handmade wreath for Easter at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

I asked if she would mind sharing a photo of herself from before her procedure at our office. “I will look,” she laughs. “I’m not in many photos because of my teeth. My hubby says ‘‘The kids won’t know they had a mother!’ since I took all the photos. I hated being in front of the camera so I was always the one volunteering to take the photos. Now I’m known as the photobomber!”

Robin shared this picture. “This was typical of my photos. I usually wouldn’t smile or show my teeth.”

“And then this happened!” she said pointing to her beaming smile. Her teeth are perfection and her happiness radiates. 

Robin Greco in magazine

“During a recent office visit, Dr. Reeves noticed my bite was misaligned again. He noticed it.  I recently fell and didn’t think anything of it. I just love him! I can smile because I feel good, am no longer in pain and feel confident about my smile.” 

“Robin came to Beyond Exceptional Dentistry with several issues. She had a nightly regime that would help her sleep and reduce the pain, but it still wasn’t a good solution. She had constant pain and discomfort. On top of that she wasn’t happy with her smile,” Dr. Ryan M Reeves, DDS shared. “After our doctors listened to her challenges, we checked her bite. It was misaligned. We corrected the functional problem and the results are evident. Robin is a new person.”

And that gives us something to smile about. 

Robin Greco doesn’t mind smiling for the camera now. Here she is as a focal point in one of our ads in TOCAL Magazine, shared in the Sea Island and St. Simons communities just south of Savannah.