Meet Rusty

The dentists and dental team at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry are thrilled to introduce one of our amazing patients—Rusty. We met Rusty a while back when he came to our practice, hoping to improve the aesthetics of his smile and get his oral health to its optimal level. He wanted to improve his confidence with a dazzling smile free of flaws.

We are thrilled to share Rusty’s story with you in hopes that you, too, will see the wonders of Dr. Ryan Reeves’ cosmetic and restorative dentistry skills and talents. Let’s take a closer look at the challenges Rusty presented and how the BED team delivered the smile Rusty has been dreaming about for years.

Rusty’s Smile Makeover

After thoroughly evaluating Rusty’s current dental health, we saw that Rusty needed a smile makeover, which is simply a combination of various restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures to transform a lackluster smile into a stunning smile sure to light up a room. Rusty presented the additional challenge of dental anxiety, which is very common, and we were able to use sedation dentistry techniques to calm his fears and keep him relaxed and comfortable during his smile makeover procedures.

Sedation Dentistry

If you, too, have fears about dental work, we utilize several sedation dentistry techniques to keep anxiety at bay while you’re here. Sedation dentistry may take the form of simply taking a pill the night before your procedures and then again right before your appointment, or you may need additional sedation dentistry like our amazing NuCalm Drug-Free sedation dentistry technique.

NuCalm uses four elements to help you achieve a relaxed state:

  • All-natural supplements
  • Micro-current stimulation patches
  • Noise-dampening headphones deliver relaxing sounds
  • Light-blocking glasses

Once our team has a clear picture of your medical and dental history, we can create a sedation dentistry plan that will work perfectly for you.

Smile Makeover Dental Technology

We used innovative dental technologies to make Rusty’s smile makeover process pain-free and efficient. With a combination of digital radiographs and a fabulous Single Tooth Anesthesia System (STA), Rusty was calm, relaxed, and collected during his cosmetic dentistry work. With sedation dentistry and STA, our patients feel no pain and may have little memory of the work performed on their mouth.

We have included pictures here so you can see Rusty’s life-changing transformation.



Of his experience with cosmetic dentist Dr. Ryan Reeves and the team at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, Rusty had this to say:

“I have had a wonderful and awesome experience with Beyond Exceptional Dentistry. The team here has been amazing and accommodating throughout the whole process. They are very respectful, informative, and responsive to all my questions or concerns throughout our adventure!”

We love that Rusty described his time with us as an adventure because it is much more than dentistry work—we change lives and restore confidence by transforming flawed smiles into Hollywood-worthy ones sure to get noticed. You, too, can have a life-changing dental experience as Rusty did—you must contact Beyond Exceptional Dentistry today. You may only need one or two cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures, or a smile makeover may be the best way to deliver the stunning smile you’ve always wanted.

Schedule a Smile Makeover Consultation

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