patient of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

They are the best dentist office ever! And I mean it!

— Tabitha L., Full Mouth Reconstruction & VitaSmile Patient

Patient Story: Tabitha L.

After my experience at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, I was able to accomplish a more confident smile, I had no concerns about my dental health, and I feel like I was able to achieve the smile that was always on the inside.

Procedures Performed:

Dr. Reeves Says…

This patient came to us because she wanted her mouth to be truly healthy. She knew that mercury fillings, cracked teeth, and old, failing dentistry compromised her oral health. She also had chronic tooth pain and was worried she would lose her teeth. I gave her the healthy, beautiful smile of her dreams, while also relieving her TMJ headaches. She had always thought these “sinus headaches” but after our examination of her bite alignment, we noticed the issue could be corrected. With our comprehensive approach, Tabitha not only received a great smile, but is also now living with a beautiful, pain-free and healthy smile.

Savannah Dentist Ryan Reeves