Of all the potential drawbacks of dentures, denture pain can be one of the worst. It results in a diminished quality of life and can lead people to avoid wearing dentures. If you are suffering from denture pain, Fountain of Youth Dentures™ offer a better solution that can diminish or eliminate many causes of denture pain.

Poor Denture Fit

Poor denture fit is probably the most common cause of denture pain. Your denture may come away from the gums and strike them repeatedly, leading to denture sores. Your denture may also just be too tight in some places, leading to irritation. Other times, your denture may cause you to bite down with imbalanced force, creating places where your gums are subjected to painfully excessive force.

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed to give you a better, more secure fit so there’re no tight places and no looseness leading to repeated hitting of the denture on your gums. And we work hard to ensure balanced bite forces in your mouth, and even check with Tekscan digital bite registration. That way your gums receive even amounts of force.

Bone Shape

Sometimes your bones can cause your denture pain. Sharp points on the alveolar ridge, which used to hold your teeth, can poke painfully into your gums.

Usually this type of pain is actually the result of imbalanced bite forces, so we can often eliminate it. In other cases, you may need surgery to eliminate these sharp points in your alveolar ridge.

Poor Adaptation to Dentures

When you change to eating with dentures, your body has to change how it bites and chews. Sometimes this is due to poor denture fit, which causes you to bite down in a very uneven way, which can wear down the denture and cause even worse adaptation. You may experience pain in your muscles, jaw joint, or gums because of this.

The better fit and balance of Fountain of Youth Dentures™ makes it easier to bite and chew so you won’t end up with such an imbalanced bite and poor adaptation.

If you’re tired of denture pain, we can help. Please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a Savannah denture dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.