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Dental Implants

Lost Teeth to Trauma? Replace Them with Dental Implants

Were you involved in an accident that caused the loss of teeth? Car accidents, sports accidents, and falls are common causes of tooth loss. Fortunately, dental implants can replace your lost teeth, restoring the beauty and function of your smile.  Here’s a quick guide to replacing lost teeth with dental implants.  Replace [...]

3 Reasons Why Implant Dentures Break

Are you frustrated because your implant dentures keep breaking? You invested in implant dentures hoping to enjoy the freedom to bite and chew normally, as well as eat a wide range of foods, but now you can’t eat anything with your broken dentures.  So what’s causing your implant dentures to break, and how can you [...]

Get Dentures You Can Eat with

Lenny Dykstra is a baseball player from another time, who made the news again last week with the crazy story of how he spent 9 hours searching through the trash outside a restaurant looking for the dentures he’d accidentally thrown away. With the help of his Uber driver (who is also a [...]

Lose Your Teeth, but Gain Your Smile

Losing your teeth can be a traumatic experience. You can experience many negative emotions, like loss, a sense of failure, a fear about the future. Studies have shown that people can develop depression after losing a tooth. Even if you don’t hit rock bottom, you might go through a period of grief, similar to losing [...]

Immediate Loading Dental Implants Improves Quality of Life

Dental implants are a great option for replacing lost teeth. They offer many benefits. Implants look beautiful--and natural. Plus, they function just like natural teeth. And they’re easy to care for. All of this contributes to making them the tooth replacement that gives the greatest improvement quality of life [...]

Plan Now to Avoid Wedding Delays for Smile Improvements

These days, it’s become more important than ever for brides to have a beautiful, healthy smile. It makes sense. White is traditional for brides, and it’s the most unforgiving color for our smiles. Even a mildly stained smile, or one with gaps, worn teeth, or small teeth can look significantly off by contrast. And with [...]

Benefits of Dental Implants at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

If you’re considering dental implants in the Savannah area, there are several dentists who will offer the option. However, there are many good reasons why you should choose Beyond Exceptional Dentistry for your dental implants. Beyond Exceptional Hospitality One of the first things you’ll notice about Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is how different [...]

Reasons to Replace Dental Implant Crowns and Restorations

Dental implants are one of the few dental restorations that you can count on to last forever. It’s not 100%, but studies show that over 90% of dental implants last for decades and may last upwards of 50 years. The same cannot be said about the Dental Implant Restorations Savannah

The Tough Spot for Dental Implants: The Upper Front

Placing dental implants requires dental expertise in many areas. One of the most important areas that dentists need to understand for placing implants is how to manage bite force. And one place where bite force can be particularly tricky to manage is the upper front of the mouth, which dentists call the [...]