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Dental Implants

What Makes Our Implant Dentures Different?

allow for great tooth replacement solutions. They let us replace your teeth with functional prosthetics that look great and let you bite and chew normally. All implant dentures are better than traditional dentures, but that doesn’t mean that all implant dentures are created equal. Instead, implant dentures have significant differences in appearance [...]

You’re Never Too Old for Dental Implants

are the best tooth replacement option available. They are the only option that actually mimics the structure of your natural teeth, with a tooth root that is anchored in the jawbone and an attractive crown on top. They can also be used to anchor dentures so that you can talk, chew, and [...]

7 Mistakes People Make When Getting Dental Implants

can be the ideal choice for replacing missing teeth. They are the tooth replacement option that is most like your natural teeth, so they can deliver results that look natural and restore the full function of your bite. They can even last a lifetime if properly cared for.  However, the great results of [...]

Reasons to Replace Dental Implant Crowns and Restorations

are one of the few dental restorations that you can count on to last forever. It’s not 100%, but studies show that and may last upwards of 50 years. The same cannot be said about the , however. Dental crowns and bridges placed on implants are unlikely to last [...]

How Many Dental Implants Does It Take to Replace a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are a long-lasting way to replace one or more missing teeth. However, they are not usually lifetime restorations. And if a dental bridge fails, it’s often a good idea to {{{{link id='2030' text='replace it with dental implants, which can be better'}}}}.  But how many implants does it take to replace a dental [...]

Lost Teeth to Trauma? Replace Them with Dental Implants

Were you involved in an accident that caused the loss of teeth? Car accidents, sports accidents, and falls are common causes of tooth loss. Fortunately, can replace your lost teeth, restoring the beauty and function of your smile. Here’s a quick guide to replacing lost teeth with dental implants. Replace One, Some, or [...]

3 Reasons Why Implant Dentures Break

Are you frustrated because your implant dentures keep breaking? You invested in implant dentures hoping to enjoy the freedom to bite and chew normally, as well as eat a wide range of foods, but now you can’t eat anything with your broken dentures. So what’s causing your implant dentures to break, and how can you [...]

Get Dentures You Can Eat with

Lenny Dykstra is a baseball player from another time, who made the news again last week with the crazy story of how he spent 9 hours searching through the trash outside a restaurant looking for the he’d accidentally thrown away. With the help of his Uber driver (who is also a part-time wrestling [...]

Lose Your Teeth, but Gain Your Smile

Losing your teeth can be a traumatic experience. You can experience many negative emotions, like loss, a sense of failure, a fear about the future. Studies have shown that people can develop depression after losing a tooth. Even if you don’t hit rock bottom, you might go through a period of grief, similar to losing [...]

Immediate Loading Dental Implants Improves Quality of Life

are a great option for replacing lost teeth. They offer many . Implants look beautiful--and natural. Plus, they function just like natural teeth. And they’re easy to care for. All of this contributes to making them the tooth replacement that gives the greatest improvement quality of life for people who have lost [...]

Plan Now to Avoid Wedding Delays for Smile Improvements

These days, it’s become more important than ever for brides to have a beautiful, healthy smile. It makes sense. White is traditional for brides, and it’s the most unforgiving color for our smiles. Even a mildly stained smile, or one with gaps, worn teeth, or small teeth can look significantly off by contrast. And with [...]

The Tough Spot for Dental Implants: The Upper Front

Placing requires dental expertise in many areas. One of the most important areas that dentists need to understand for placing implants is how to manage bite force. And one place where bite force can be particularly tricky to manage is the upper front of the mouth, which dentists call the anterior maxilla. But [...]

Is Hypodontia Increasing?

Hypodontia, developing less than a full complement of adult teeth, remains a mysterious condition. One of the remaining questions we have about the condition is whether the condition has been increasing over the course of the 20th century. Although data about this question is still uncertain, we do know that our treatment options for hypodontia [...]

Everything You Need to Know to Find the Best Implant Dentist

Are you considering dental implants? Are you having trouble finding the for you? If so, it might be because you’re not looking hard enough or casting a wide enough net. We understand that you might be unhappy letting the general dentist who let you lose your teeth now replace it with an implant. [...]

If You’ve Lost a Tooth, Maybe You Want a New Dentist for Dental Implants

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, it’s important to replace them. And dental implants are the best replacement option available to ensure the proper function of your teeth. But if you lost your teeth, maybe your current dentist isn’t the right choice for replacing that tooth. To be fair, there are many complicated [...]

The Age-Defying Effects of Dental Implants

If you have suffered the loss of one or more teeth, you have several options for replacing them. Traditional dentures can make you look older, and the longer you wear them, the older you will look. , on the other hand, can help you look much younger. Fountain of Youth Denture ® can [...]

Why Precision Matters More for Dental Implants

If you are considering , it’s important to choose your dentist carefully. Among the issue of making sure your , there’s also the critical question of making sure your dental implants fit precisely. This is a vital question for any kind of restoration, but it’s even more important for dental implants than other [...]

5 Reasons to Get Dental Implants Again

Dental implants are a very successful technique, but the success rate is still not 100%. Some people get dental implants and lose them. If this happened to you, you might be wondering whether you should get again. The answer is probably yes, and here’s why. You Can Choose a Better Dentist When [...]

No Matter How You Look at It, Dental Implants Are Very Successful

If you really want to be sure about an answer, you learn to ask the question from many different angles. If your answers don’t match up, then you know you’ve got something wrong. That’s why a new study is so important: it looks at the question of dental implant success from a completely different perspective. [...]

Are You a Good Bone Healer?

Dental implants are a great technology that allow us to replace your lost teeth with artificial versions that look and function like natural teeth. They are also very successful restorations. But success for dental implants depends on your body’s ability to heal the bone around the implant. So, how do you know if you are [...]

Does My Implant Denture Have to Be Made of the Hardest Material Available?

We definitely live in an age of technological wonders, and many of them have improved cosmetic dentistry. Among these wonders is the invention of incredibly strong ceramics that can be used in many dental applications, such as . But sometimes it’s better not to need to rely on these amazing materials, [...]

Don’t Wait Ten Years to Fix Your Teeth

We want to introduce our client David and his heartwarming testimonial. He is so happy with the results of his , and we are happy to have made such a dramatic transformation possible. But we also want to use his testimonial as a cautionary tale: don’t wait ten years (like he did) [...]

Dental Implants Can Improve Brain Function

We have long seen evidence that dementia is worse in people who have lost teeth. However, because of the complex factors involved, we haven’t been able to make a strong causal link or say for certain that tooth replacement could improve brain function. But now a study shows that using could provide measurable [...]

7 Wonders of Cosmetic Dentistry

We live in a truly marvelous age, although sometimes it’s easy to forget. We take for granted so many of the amazing technologies and techniques that transform our lives for the better, like cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is better than it has ever been, and modern cosmetic dentistry allows us to do [...]

Learning How To Smile Can Help Reduce Prejudice

We know that a smile can have many positive effects. It can help you get a job. It can help you feel younger. It can help you . But it turns out that smiling can make an even bigger impact: it can help you overcome prejudices and stereotypes. That’s according to a recent study [...]

From Hopeless to Flawless: Your Smile Can Be Saved

Do you shudder every time you look at your smile in the mirror? Do you think that there’s no way that your smile can be made beautiful? Whether you used to have an attractive smile, or you never enjoyed one, it’s easy to get trapped into thinking that there’s no way to save your smile. [...]

Choosing the Right Ceramic for Your Restoration: Translucency vs. Strength

When we are planning your procedure like a , we will probably choose ceramic restorations. But that doesn’t necessarily make the decision much easier. One of the great advances in cosmetic dentistry technology has been the explosion of advanced ceramics that are available to us. So when it comes time to make [...]

Dental Bridge or Individual Tooth Implants: What’s Best?

If you are looking to replace several missing teeth, you might be considering . But should you get a that fills in for several teeth at once, or individual tooth crowns for each tooth? Both are good options, but which is right for you depends on several factors. Appearance Dental bridges do [...]

Why New Dentures Are Much Better Than You Think

Ask someone a hundred years ago to picture a “car,” and what are they coming up with? They’re probably thinking of something like a Model T. Sure, some of them may think of a Mitchell Submarine or even an Argo Electric, but the fact is that they’re not thinking of the same thing you are [...]

Issues That Could Hamper Dental Implant Healing

are a fantastic way to . Plus given proper care and maintenance they can last you for your whole life. That being said, some people run into issues during the healing process, either the healing process takes to long or the implant is rejected. While this is a relatively rare occurrence given [...]

A Cosmetic Dentist Can Give You a Beautiful Smile for Summer Weddings

Savannah summer weddings are about the most photogenic in the world. The historic buildings make a striking backdrop, and all the world is so green that the pictures turn out wonderfully. These pictures aren't likely to be put in a box and forgotten--they're going to be in an album, or maybe even framed and on [...]

Missing Teeth Can Lead to Nutritional Deficiencies: Studies

People lose permanent teeth for a variety of reasons; however, the effects are almost always the same. The vast majority of people experience a decrease in quality of life, thanks to embarrassment and difficulty chewing. Because they cannot enjoy the foods they once loved, many people experience frustration and depression. What's more, according to research, [...]

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