Simon Cowell earned his fame as the no-nonsense hardline judge on American Idol. He made a reputation out of being rude to aspiring stars, making several of them break down in tears. With all the emotional pain he’s inflicted over the years, perhaps it’s only karma that he should have to take a bit of his own.

When Cowell decided this year to do more for this aging face than just BOTOX ® and fillers, he opted for a thread lift, probably in part because it was less invasive, destructive, and painful than a surgical facelift. However, it turns out the procedure came with a lot more discomfort than he anticipated. Perhaps he should have considered a nonsurgical facelift instead.

Thread Lifts Hurt | Nonsurgical Facelift Savannah

Serious Pain for Minor Lift

The procedure that Cowell chose is one we’ve talked about several times before. It seeks to support sagging facial tissues by pulling them up with a barbed thread. Basically, it’s a procedure that supplements the support of your facial tissues with a thread whose barbs catch the soft tissue and pull it tight.

It’s similar to the goal of a surgical facelift, but instead of cutting “excess” skin away and pulling the rest tight, you are trying to tighten the facial tissues with an added support.

The procedure’s main benefit is that it’s not a very involved procedure. It doesn’t take long, and it’s not that expensive.

However, as Cowell shows us, the procedure can actually be quite painful. And the rewards are small. Some studies suggest that most of the lifting that people see from this type of procedure may come just from swelling. As such, it’s no surprise that results from this procedure tend to last less than 2 years. And the procedure comes with a high risk of complications, including visible changes like dimpling or bumps on the skin. Although they may not be as serious as the complications for a surgical facelift, it certainly makes one wonder if the procedure is worth it.

A Better Alternative

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your facial appearance in a way that gives long-term results without surgery, consider our nonsurgical facelift. This isn’t a skin-level procedure. It gives us the ability to perform deep changes in your facial structure that rejuvenate your facial proportions, helping you to look more like you did when you were younger.

Not only does the procedure provide long-term results that look like  your natural appearance, it can rejuvenate your smile as well. That helps you look younger and healthier, too. And the results from this procedure can last for decades!

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