South Magazine Featuring Dr. Ryan ReevesFor decades, Beyond Exceptional Dentistry has been one of the most widely recognized dental practices in the US. Along with this, we’re used to getting a decent amount of media coverage. Still, it’s always nice when we do, as with the article by Molly Clancy in South Magazine, which focused on our groundbreaking dental rejuvenation techniques. We were happy that this brief article captured so much about what sets Beyond Exceptional Dentistry apart from other dental offices in the area.

A Comfortable Environment

The article starts, as your visit to Beyond Exceptional Dentistry will start, with the welcoming atmosphere of our office. We strive to make our office unlike any other dentist you will visit. We know that the smell of a dental office can cause anxiety and discomfort, so we banish it. While many people might use artificial scents, we use the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Not artificial–these are real cookies baking in our office. And if you want one, you can have it!

But it’s not just cookies we offer. We have a wide selection of beverages and other refreshments that can help you enjoy your visit to our office.

In addition, we have designed an office with a welcoming atmosphere. We play relaxing but not boring music in our open lobby. And the furniture in the lobby is nice and comfortable. Not just because of its quality, but also because people don’t spend much time there, so it doesn’t get worn out.

We Put You in Charge

More important than our office is our approach to dentistry, one that puts you in charge of your treatment. Jenni Moseley, our practice leader, walks patients through their options in their first visit. We work hard to educate you on what you can do, and especially on what’s best for your appearance and your health. However, the decision about what to do is always entirely up to you.

We also give you the visual tools to make your decision. We take “before” pictures, but we do more than that: we take “after” images that will help you understand what we can achieve. Some of this we can do with computers, but some of it has to be done physically, using spacers and other tools to show how repositioning your jaw can impact your facial appearance.

This is about more than just your smile, we can achieve rejuvenation of your full facial appearance, and that’s what’s truly exciting.

Patient Before and After

Rejuvenation with Dentistry

We can use dentistry to achieve what might be called a nonsurgical facelift. Most people don’t understand that our teeth don’t just make up our smile: they also support our facial structure. As teeth get worn down or damaged, our youthful appearance is impacted. The balance between our skin and the supporting structure gets disrupted. This can create the appearance of sagging, excess skin.

But there’s more: when our jaws are imbalanced, it can make us strain our muscles in unnecessary ways. This can lead to functional problems such as tooth grinding and far-ranging symptoms like headaches and back pain. But it also contributes to premature aging. Tense muscles create creases that become permanently etched on our face. Correcting the problems early can stave off some of these wrinkles, delaying or even preventing their appearance.

It’s about a careful harmony between health, function, and appearance. As the article quotes Dr. Ryan Reeves, “If treatments need to be done to correct functional problems and the byproduct is a younger-looking face, it’s a win-win.”

Get the Beyond Exceptional Experience in Savannah

If you know or suspect you need dental treatment, we invite you to visit our office. You can learn for yourself how differently we do things and see how cosmetic dentistry can help you defy father time.

Please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah.