Have you ever wondered what your face would look like with a perfect smile? Thanks to computer imaging, we can give you a “preview” of the new you.

Cosmetic Imaging Consultation

To schedule a cosmetic imaging consultation, fill out the form below, including uploading a photo of yourself.

Upon receipt of your photo, we will analyze your photo for possible cosmetic and/or neuromuscular improvement, wdill contact you to schedule your cosmetic imaging consultation. Please note, due to overwhelming demand, this service is only available to those who live within a 100 mile radius of Savannah, Georgia.

Photo Instructions: The image should be high resolution, with the head straight and level (not tilted right, left, front or back) and a big natural smile. The photo on the right is a perfect example of what we need.


  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
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Note: Because the file you’re uploading may be quite large, the form will take some time to complete. Please DO NOT close this window or navigate to another web page until you receive the confirmation message.