Over time, everything wears out. Your car, your jeans, and even your smile. But don’t worry, we can turn back the hands of time…

  • Do you have old crowns that show when you smile?
  • Do you think that your crowns could look more natural?
  • Are you self-conscious when you smile?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you may be interested in a Cosmetic Renewal.

Your dental crowns may have been great 10-20 years ago, but by today’s standards they just don’t hold up.

Why Come to Us for Cosmetic Renewal?

Patient's smile before and after dental treatmentBefore and After

We see many patients who have a great long-term relationship with a dentist in their hometown, but they choose to come and see us for their Cosmetic Renewal.

The reason? Sometimes the patients are not totally comfortable with their present dentist’s ability to perform highly technical cosmetic procedures. Some patients just want to have their Cosmetic Renewal done privately, without their dentist or friends knowing. They choose us because of our experience and results. Click here to view our before and after Smile Gallery.

Contact us today for a free digital smile enhancement. That’s right, send us a photo and we’ll simulate a new smile and send it back to you, just click here.

Cosmetic Renewals aren’t just confined to the front teeth. Visit our Filling Upgrade page to see how your back teeth can be updated.