The inclusion of medical laser technology to dentistry has led to many advances in the today’s dental world. Our Savannah dentists have been privileged to be part of the pioneering team bringing lasers to dentistry.

The Savannah dental practice of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry utilizes lasers in dentistry for many techniques including:


Laser Dental Diagnostics

Cavity detection is one of the most innovative uses of today’s medical lasers in dentistry. Dental lasers are very accurate in diagnosing unseen cavities that may be hiding within your teeth.

Lasers in Cosmetic Dentistry

For a smile to be in it’s most beautiful form, the gums and teeth must line up evenly along every section. The right amount of the gum visible, with the right shape cradeling the teeth. Evening the gum lines can all be done quickly with the precision of today’s dental laser technology.


Laser Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores of the mouth and/or lips can be treated by a modern laser dentist. Patients are often pleased to find that cold sores do not reappear in the treated spot and they experienced immediate pain relief.

Periodontal Laser Dentistry

In treating mild to moderate periodontal disease dental lasers can remove diseased tissues and leave healthy tissue 100% untouched. The laser is utilized in sterilizing the gum pockets and removing scaling promoting the proper healing of the gums after treatment.