On December 11, 2020, our very own Dr. Ryan M. Reeves was featured in South Magazine and awarded the title of South Magazine’s Greatest Dentists 2020-2021. The article notes that Dr. Ryan Reeves isn’t just an exceptional doctor, but also an inventor who’s consistently transforming dental procedures and techniques to help restore smiles like never before.

The article also noted that Dr. Reeves uses the same philosophy when he’s helping patients restore their smile and live pain-free as he does when he’s racing in a Porsche.

He states in the article that “Precision is key” and “In dentistry, you can’t do that without the right technology. Our focus on science has really allowed us to be true dental engineers.”

Dr. Reeves’s extensive knowledge of TMJ and occlusion treatments and technological approach allows him to create fully-customized plans for every patient. He believes that the more customized they create treatments, the better results they get.

Dr. Reeves believes in a high-quality of care over quantity. He ensures every patient gets the most attention possible during their appointments and ensures that they always start on time.

Dr. Reeves didn’t grow up unfamiliar with dentistry. He grew up in a family of dentists and always knew he wanted to follow in their footsteps.

The article also stated that from the start, Dr. Reeves always knew he wanted to take a more non-traditional approach to dentistry and treatments. As a result, he pursued dentistry from a physiologic approach which allowed him to expand even more on the science behind dentistry.

He utilizes advanced dental technology like bite pressure gauges, laser technology, and computerized bite analysis to create more precise treatment plans and better results for his patients. His unique approach has transformed countless smiles that have changed lives.

If you would like to read the entire article, please visit South Magazine’s feature here.

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