Community means a lot to us at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry. Our team is grateful to partner with great community businesses and organizations throughout the year. 2021 was a challenging year for so many people in our community, and we were happy to do what we could to help out throughout the year.

We also want to thank our patients for making this possible. You are our inspiration, and you give us the joy and the energy to give to our community. Here are some of how you helped us show that cosmetic dentistry isn’t the only way we help Savannah smile.

Old Savannah City Mission Cookie Dropoff

Old Savannah City Mission Cookie Dropoff by the staff of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

We know that many of our patients associate Beyond Exceptional Dentistry with fresh-baked cookies. That’s thanks to Brandi, who makes sure we have hot and fresh cookies daily in the office. These cookies are more than just food–they’re happiness on a plate, and we wanted to spread the joy.

We picked up cookies from Bar Food of Savannah and headed to Old Savannah City Mission’s Food Distribution Center. There, Mission representative Lawrence was thrilled to get the fresh cookies. Old Savannah City Mission is dedicated to assisting those in need in our community and treating them with the dignity and love they need to set them free from addictions and homelessness. We are happy to support their efforts.

Savannah Music Festival Winter Bash Sponsor

Beyond Exceptional Dentistry at Savannah Music Festival Winter Bash

The Savannah Music Festival is a powerful institution that brings together artists and audiences to celebrate timeless music. The Winter Bash is one of their big fundraising events, and Beyond Exceptional Dentistry was proud to support it this year.

Dr. Ryan Reeves spearheaded this effort and talked about his experience, “We had the privilege of sponsoring the Savannah Music Festival’s Winter Bash in December. Working with them gained us a greater understanding and appreciation for their mission. We are grateful for all the work they do to educate the children of our community while providing us the benefit of world-class music.”⁠

Ronald McDonald House Cookie Bake

Beyond Exceptional Dentistry at the Ronald McDonald House Cookie Bake

At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we attract patients worldwide who seek us out for elective procedures. We know this isn’t easy, and it humbles us to know that our patients appreciate our work enough to undertake that effort and expense.

It makes us appreciate how hard it can be for families that might not have the means for travel but must to get the care their child needs. That’s why we sympathize with the efforts of Ronald McDonald House, which seeks to help families in this challenging situation. To help them out, we volunteered to bake cookies at their holiday event.

What can we say? When you’re good at something, you should share it with others!

ForSight Unique Eye Care & Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision

Beyond Exceptional Dentistry at ForSight Unique Eye Care & Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision

We are always happy to help other businesses running events to benefit the community. When we heard that ForSight Unique Eye Care was running a fundraiser celebration to benefit the Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision, we had to support them. Three members of our team showed up in support of the event, helping to make it a big success.

Always Looking to Help in Savannah, GA

At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, giving back is part of our mission. We regularly contribute to good causes around the area and are always looking for more ways we can help by donating time, money, or cookies.

If you are looking for a local business partner to help with your cause in Savannah, GA, please contact us, and we will consider whether it aligns with our mission.