These days, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are considered very different disciplines. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the original name of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons was the American Association of Oral Surgeons. And when they formed in 1921, they required their members to have both medical and dental degrees. That’s because they understood that the teeth play a vital role in the structure of the face, and restoring the teeth can provide a nonsurgical facelift effect.

And Fountain of Youth Dentures™ can achieve this effect where traditional dentures can’t.

John came to us wanting to have a healthy stable smile. We were able to give him that with 4 lower snaps and upper and lower FOY’s. He is now able to eat corn on the cob and still enjoy his popcorn every night. He came in with a clean corn cob that he ate himself and enjoyed every kernel!

Understanding the “Accordion Effect”

We’ve talked before about how the accordion effect can lead to premature aging of your face. Basically, your teeth and bones create a structure under your skin, muscles, and other soft tissues. When this structure matures, in young adulthood, it stretches and smooths the skin.

But as we get old, our teeth get worn down or lost. The body also removes bone from our jaws. This means there’s less support, but still the same amount of skin and other tissue. The skin then gets compressed inward, like an accordion compressing, which leads to facial folds and wrinkles, especially around the mouth.

Why Traditional Dentures Don’t Rejuvenate

But if tooth loss causes this accordion effect, shouldn’t any denture give the same rejuvenating effect? Ideally, yes, but in reality, traditional dentures don’t achieve much facial rejuvenation.

The problem is that traditional dentures are just looking to replace your teeth. But you’ve actually lost more than your teeth: your body has also removed significant amounts of bone, and if you want to restore your youthful structure, you have to replace that lost bone volume, too.

Traditional denture techniques have no way to measure that loss. Even if a dentist tries to replace that lost bone mass, they’re as likely to make dentures too big as too small. The result isn’t rejuvenation, but uncomfortable dentures that don’t fit in your mouth.

There’s another problem with traditional dentures. They are unstable because they fit poorly. To try to achieve greater stability, dentists put the teeth back further in the mouth, closer to the tongue, which means they don’t fill the space in the mouth the way natural teeth do.

The Fountain of Youth Dentures™ Difference

Fountain of Youth Denture™ are designed to overcome the limitations of traditional dentures and achieve a true facelift effect. Rod Strickland, the inventor of Fountain of Youth Dentures™, incorporated his knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular dentistry into the technique.

Cosmetic dentistry allows for the design of natural, attractive dentures. Neuromuscular dentistry, however, improves the fit in multiple ways to achieve the true facelift effect.

With neuromuscular dentistry, we can achieve a dynamic fit for your dentures. This makes them stable so your teeth can be in a natural position where they support your lips and cheeks.

Even more importantly, the Fountain of Youth Denture™ technique can read the proper proportions of your face from your soft tissue. This lets us achieve the ideal balance of teeth and jaw height to make you look younger. This can help to eliminate facial folds and wrinkles as well as reduce the appearance of jowls and turkey neck caused by jaw shrinkage.

Appreciate the Difference

Here at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we are the innovators of the Fountain of Youth Dentures™ process, which uses the latest techniques in dental science to achieve an attractive, natural appearance while turning back the clock on facial changes. You can see the impact for yourself in our smile gallery.  This isn’t just a facelift effect, it’s actually better than a facelift in many ways.

Do you want to learn how you could benefit from this powerful rejuvenation technique? Please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a Savannah, GA denture dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.