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Get Lasting TMJ Relief with Bite Splint Therapy

can cause many different symptoms, but it’s the pain symptoms that most often bring people in seeking treatment. Jaw pain, , earaches, neck pain, and more pain symptoms are common in TMJ. People often go to their doctors for help with these pains, but doctors may not understand the cause of [...]

Chewing Difficulties Compromising Your Health?

If you’re finding it difficult to chew, you’re likely living with compromised health without even realizing it. Chewing difficulties can affect your diet and force you to eat foods that are less healthy. As a result, your overall health might be compromised. Fortunately, at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we can help restore your ability to [...]

How TMJ Rewires Your Brain

impacts more than just your jaw joint. It affects your entire body, and perhaps most importantly, it can rewire your brain to make even minor touches into pain and prevents you from focusing on cognitive tasks. Is TMJ disorder affecting your entire body without you realizing it? Recognize the signs and seek [...]

Why Do My Teeth Hurt? 10 Causes

Pain is usually a sign that something is wrong and if you’re experiencing pain in your teeth, it’s essential to get to the root cause. Not just to help you get out of pain, but to address the problem at bay to prevent future pain and other problems from occurring. At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, [...]

Chronic Sinusitis vs. TMJ: How to Tell the Difference

With cold and flu season on the way, you might question any symptom of an illness that pops up. Oftentimes, you think its one thing when it’s really another. One common misdiagnosis is TMJ and chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis and {{{{link id='565' text='TMJ can often show very similar symptoms'}}}} such as headaches, jaw pain, [...]

By |September 14th, 2020|TMJ|

Is TMJ Common After a Car Accident?

With people driving instead of flying to their travel destinations right now because it’s deemed safer due to COVID-19, there has been an increase in car accidents across the US. Combining the extra road trips with summertime already being the highest time of year for car accidents, more and more Americans face injuries from [...]

Can TMJ Disorder Impact Your Memory?

Unending pain can make everyday life difficult in several ways. Besides causing unending discomfort, it can also make it hard for people to enjoy fulfilling professional and social lives. It’s almost impossible to do well at work when you are coping with unrelenting pain. Likewise, it’s very hard to enjoy social situations and meet [...]

TMJ Could Be Causing Your Eye Pain

Temporomandibular joint disorders (called TMJ or TMD) have many symptoms you might not automatically associate with your jaw. Some of these symptoms are quite common. Headaches, neck pain, and ear symptoms such as tinnitus or vertigo are often associated with TMJ. Because these {{{{link id='533' text='symptoms are widespread'}}}}, it can make TMJ {{{{link id='2459' text='hard [...]

Can Melatonin Prevent Your TMD Headaches?

Millions of Americans suffer from intense migraines, which make it difficult for them to fulfill their daily responsibilities. While some experienced these debilitating headaches infrequently; others endure them on a daily basis. Recently, a group of researchers tested a popular over-the-counter supplement to see if it might help prevent or minimize migraine occurrence; and their [...]

By |February 18th, 2020|TMJ|

What Does Scalloped Tongue Mean?

Courtesy of Have you noticed that your tongue has an irregular shape, with rounded half-circle indentations around the edges? This scalloped appearance to your tongue is caused by your tongue pressing up against your teeth as it rests in your mouth, likely because of a . The condition has a number of informal [...]

By |November 14th, 2019|TMJ|

What Are the Alternatives to Invasive TMJ Surgery?

TMJ disorder causes a host of trying symptoms, including difficulty chewing, clicking or locking of the jaw and significant pain. While numerous Americans suffer from , reports suggest that just about 7 percent attempt to get help. Often, this is because they fear the prospect of surgery, which doesn't always prove effective and usually [...]

By |September 19th, 2019|TMJ|

New Study Links TMJ Muscle Pain with Migraine Frequency and Intensity

We know that are linked with . But TMJ is not a singular condition. It’s actually an umbrella term that describes several closely linked conditions that share symptoms but are quite different. So are all TMJs linked to migraines, or just some types? That’s the focus of a new study, which shows [...]

Can You Reverse Asymmetry Related to TMJ?

is caused by an imbalance in the bite system. The teeth, joints, and muscles no longer work together in harmony. The imbalance can cause many symptoms, including , , tooth damage, and even ear symptoms like ear pain, vertigo, dizziness, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Over time, the imbalanced bite [...]

By |September 27th, 2018|TMJ|

Is New Migraine Treatment Right for You?

Did you know that Savannah ranks #1 in the United States for migraines? Based on a  study co-authored by Dr. Victor Rosenfeld, a neurologist at SouthCoast Health in Savannah, some patients had to leave the area due to their .  The combination of dramatic and frequent barometic pressure shifts, and allergens and pollens seem [...]

Don’t Hear Any Jaw Sounds? You May Still Have TMJ

There are many symptoms of . Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that TMJ can have quite so many varied symptoms. In fact, some people think that if their jaw isn’t making noise, they don’t have TMJ. That’s not the case at all, and it’s important to understand that you can’t eliminate TMJ on the basis [...]

Timing of Headaches Could Signal TMJ Link

is one of the most common symptoms of illness and conditions. Dehydration? Headache. Overexertion? Headache. Flu? Headache. So how do you ? One of the great ways to do this is to keep track of your headaches with a headache diary. You can use a physical diary, but these days there are [...]

Recognize TMJ Warning Signs to Avoid Tooth and Jaw Damage

may seem innocuous enough at first, but they’re progressive. If they’re left untreated, they can be progressive, leading to serious damage to your teeth and jaw. When this happens, they are much harder and much more expensive to treat. And treatment success is much lower. So it’s best to know the warning signs [...]

Neurofeedback May Hold Promise for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition that stems from many potential causes. As a symptom, it can be badly disabling, and may cause serious mental health conditions, including depression and suicidal ideation. The biggest problem with tinnitus is that there is no general treatment for the condition. Some researchers are hoping that neurofeedback could be that [...]

New Research Proposes That Genetics May Link Migraines to Money Woes

Many people with struggle to keep them under control. “Avoiding triggers” is great advice, but when there are so many potential triggers out there, this can be challenging. And with some triggers, there is just nothing you can do. Everybody has bills, and for some of us, sitting down to pay the [...]

Why You Should Get TMJ Treatment from a Neuromuscular Dentist

TMJ is a difficult condition to treat. Not the least of the problem is that it can be hard to figure out what kind of doctor you should see for the condition. Many people start out with their family doctor, but they may be referred to many different kinds of doctors and other healthcare [...]

Do Tinted Glasses Help with Migraines?

The Association of Migraine Disorders has coordinated the Shades for Migraine campaign, which seeks to have everyone wear tinted lenses on June 21. The campaign is intended to show solidarity with migraine sufferers and encourage Congress to fund non-opioid alternatives in the treatment of migraines. Presumably, this is because sunglasses actually [...]

Why an OTC Nightguard Probably Won’t Fix Your TMJ (and Might Make It Worse)

If you are suffering from TMJ symptoms, you’re probably desperate to make them go away. Then you happen to see a device in your drugstore that promises to make it better. It seems the perfect choice. But the truth is that these over-the-counter (OTC) treatments likely won’t work for you. What seems a simple solutions [...]

Does My Implant Denture Have to Be Made of the Hardest Material Available?

We definitely live in an age of technological wonders, and many of them have improved cosmetic dentistry. Among these wonders is the invention of incredibly strong ceramics that can be used in many dental applications, such as . But sometimes it’s better not to need to rely on these amazing materials, [...]

Dental Implants Can Improve Brain Function

We have long seen evidence that dementia is worse in people who have lost teeth. However, because of the complex factors involved, we haven’t been able to make a strong causal link or say for certain that tooth replacement could improve brain function. But now a study shows that using could provide measurable [...]

What’s Causing That Tingling Sensation in Your Hand?

Tingling and numbness in the hands is a symptom that can range from annoying to disabling if it’s affecting your ability to do fine work with your hands. But getting proper treatment for it means tracking down the right cause. Diabetes Abnormally high blood sugar levels in diabetes can damage your nerves. And often nerve [...]

How TMJ Can Sabotage Your Quality of Life

can be serious illnesses that can make it hard for you to continue to enjoy a fulfilling life. That’s because it can dramatically impact your quality of life through its numerous symptoms and their effects. Fortunately, with treatment, many TMJ sufferers can come to live normal, fulfilling lives again. Before TMJ Treatment After [...]

Will “Migraine Triggers” Actually Prevent Your Headaches?

June is National Migraine Awareness Month, and there’s no better time to promote awareness of the complexity of and why people need to keep pursuing treatment options rather than sticking with a poorly functioning migraine treatment. One aspect of the complexity seems to turn conventional wisdom about migraines on its head. New research [...]

Choosing the Right Ceramic for Your Restoration: Translucency vs. Strength

When we are planning your procedure like a , we will probably choose ceramic restorations. But that doesn’t necessarily make the decision much easier. One of the great advances in cosmetic dentistry technology has been the explosion of advanced ceramics that are available to us. So when it comes time to make [...]

Can TMJ Treatment Help with NDP Headaches?

If you’ve been diagnosed with new daily persistent (NDP) headaches, you are probably frustrated. A diagnosis often points the way to successful treatment, but not so with NDP headaches, which even headache specialists admit is not well understood and not easy to treat. It’s possible, though, that part of the problem is that some cases [...]

Maybe Stress Doesn’t Trigger Your Migraines

Among the most common people report is . Controlling stress is a successful technique many people use to help reduce their . But as a blogger on recently pointed out, it isn’t always the stress itself that leads to migraines. It may be related behaviors. What Do You Do When [...]

New Discoveries Show How TMJ Triggers Distant Pain

We understand: reading the list of symptoms for TMJ for the first time can leave you incredulous: how can one condition cause so many (and so far-reaching) symptoms? But it’s the truth. And new research is showing not only how TMJ can lead to jaw pain, , neck pain, and more, but also how [...]

Going to the Dentist Shouldn’t Feel Like Going Back in Time

A recent editorial in the Washington Post and the Guardian focuses on how going to the dentist feels like a trip back in time for many people. The article points its finger at dentists who are still using antiquated techniques to treat dental disease, but not all dentists will give you that impression. When you [...]

Correcting a Closed Bite

A closed bite is when your upper teeth and lower teeth come together without enough height to support a proper bite or appearance. Normally, in a resting position, your upper front teeth should project slightly in front of your lower teeth, with the lower teeth resting slightly but not much behind the upper teeth, while [...]

Two Types of TMJ Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is one of the most common symptoms of , but not everyone experiences the same type of jaw pain. Instead, there are two common types of jaw pain that you may experience associated with your TMJ: masticatory muscle pain (MMP) and joint pain. MMP Jaw Pain MMP is when your jaw muscles [...]

TMD-Related Tinnitus Can Cause Anxiety, Depression

A frustrating condition that can significantly detract from a person's quality of life, tinnitus is loosely defined as the perception of noise when no corresponding sound exists. Although it can have several different causes, tinnitus usually affects sufferers in the same way: by causing stress, depression and anxiety.   Research Established Connection New research out [...]

By |February 12th, 2013|TMJ|

Can You Use Your Mind To Treat TMJ Pain?

Each day, countless Americans endure chronic pain associated with . To ease their discomfort, many rely on over-the-counter prescription medications or alternative remedies that usually prove ineffective. That said, new research suggests that a simple change of perspective could be enough to make chronic pain more tolerable. Getting Used to Pain An Italian study [...]

Can More Sleep Reduce TMD Pain?

Sleep is important to everyone; however, new research suggests it may be especially valuable to people who suffer from pain. Unfortunately, unending discomfort can lead to chronic insomnia, which may worsen pain in the long-run. The Power of Sleep New research indicates that sleep may hold the power to reduce the severity of pain in [...]

Meditation Not the Best Remedy for TMJ Disorder

An unpleasant affliction that plagues numerous Americans, temporomandibular joint disorder (also called ) causes a host of symptoms, including tinnitus and difficulty chewing. That said, the vast majority of TMJ sufferers complain about incessant pain that can make life unbearable. In search of relief, many people fall back on prescription and over-the-counter pain medications [...]

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