You may think that all dental practices are the same, but they’re not. Although it’s true that every dentist is technically qualified to perform all dental care, dentists tend to have different approaches to dentistry. Based on the way they approach dental care, they will get practice performing certain procedures, where they will gain experience and where they will typically focus their continuing education so that they get better and better at the things they do regularly, and may not be as proficient at some of the things they do less often.

And what procedures dentists perform regularly depends on the kind of dental practice they are.

Three Kinds of Dental Practices

We typically divide dental practices up into three different categories, depending on their dental philosophy.

Emergency dentists: These dentists typically only see their patients when the patient has a problem, normally a toothache, though sometimes a dental trauma.

Maintenance dentists: These dentists perform routine maintenance on patients’ teeth to attempt to prevent emergencies and pain. They are experienced at performing oral checkups, routine fillings, and other everyday dental procedures.

Exceptional dentists: These dentists aren’t content to simply respond to emergencies or even just employ maintenance techniques to prevent them. Their goal is not just to prevent problems, but to achieve a patient’s desired state of oral health. This type of dental practice isn’t just trying to keep the mouth from decline, it’s trying to improve the state of oral health and appearance.

A Dental Practice of the Fourth Kind

So, what do we mean when we describe ourselves as “Beyond Exceptional Dentistry“? It means that we start with the philosophy of an exceptional dentist and attempt to move beyond it. Not only does this mean we stay at the forefront of dental knowledge, we are creating new dental knowledge, constantly innovating and inventing. We are one of the dental practices that other exceptional dentists look to for guidance and model their own practices after.

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