Whether you are looking for a beyond exceptional dentist, you’re unhappy with your current dentist, or you recently moved to our beautiful coastal city, choosing a new dentist in Savannah can feel like a hard feat. How do you know how to choose a good dentist? To help you find a dentist that’s the right match, we thought we’d offer some tips on what to think about when choosing a dentist. At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we want to help ensure that our patients feel confident in their choice in allowing us to take care of their oral health and providing them with a plan and results that work for their smile goals. Here are some things to consider when making your decision for a dentist.

1. Research Reviews

One of the first places you will start in your research on finding a new dentist in Savannah is looking at reviews. In 2021, it’s become the norm for consumers to read reviews before going anywhere or purchasing anything. The only exception is getting a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Aside from that, we all trust the opinions of strangers on the internet.

Looking at a dentist’s reviews or patient videos can help you get an idea of what they’re like to work with and how well they treat their patients. If you’re hoping to get a specific procedure done, consider searching for reviews that refer to that procedure so you know what to expect.

In your review search, make sure to keep in mind that reviews aren’t always the most reliable. There is always bias because not every single patient will end up writing a review. Of course, if a practice has more bad reviews than good, it might be a good idea to steer clear.

You can check out dentist reviews on their Google My Business page, Yelp, Facebook, Healthgrades, and other sources on the internet.

2. Look at a Dentist’s Credentials, Education, and Training

Dr. Ryan Reeves, 2019 Greatest Dentists of Savannah

After you’ve narrowed down your search by eliminating some dentists who don’t have the best reviews, your next step is to review their credentials, education, and training. Look at factors such as the following:

  • What school they attended
  • Internships
  • Continuing education

Dr. Ryan Reeves at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is one of only 100 LVI Fellows in the world (beyond exceptional right?!) as a result of completing extensive studies. Achieving Fellow status is an exclusive honor only a few dentists achieve. Studying at LVI allowed Dr. Reeves to fully understand the importance of neuromuscular dentistry and how to apply the techniques to all aspects of dentistry.

If there is a specific procedure you’re hoping to get, it doesn’t hurt to see if that dentist has any specialized training in that field too. The more training and experience a dentist has, the better the results you can expect.

3. Consider a Dentist’s Length of Experience

In addition to credentials and training, you should also look at how much experience a dentist has. If a dentist is fresh out of dental school, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad at their profession, it just means they don’t have much experience. If you’re getting a complicated procedure or one that costs a large sum, it might be best to stick with a dentist who has more experience.

4. Look at Before and After Photos

You don’t know what type of results are possible with a dentist unless you look at their before and after photos. Especially if you plan to get dental work that will alter the appearance of your teeth. If the appearance of your smile matters, don’t skip this step in your search for a new dentist.

5. Check Insurance Coverage and Payment Options

If you’re planning to use your dental insurance or some sort of payment plan to pay for your dental work, make sure you check with the dental office to explore their options. Being able to afford and pay for your dental work is just as important as the dentist itself.

6. Browse All Offered Services

If you’re not sure what kind of dental work you need or have a specific procedure in mind, make sure the prospective dentist offers the specific procedure or a wide range of procedures. In addition, if you like to save time, consider finding a dentist that offers all types of dental procedures. Then you never have to visit a different office.

7. Explore Types of Technology Used

Just like phones and computers, dental technology is always changing. As technology advances, it allows dentists to diagnose and treat patients more effectively and more efficiently. In your search for a new dentist in Savannah, make sure you ask about what dental technologies and services are offered. Don’t forget to ask how long they’ve been using it for (to gauge how old the equipment is; equipment with experience isn’t always a good thing, right? New equipment and technologies are typically preferred. Our list of dental technology is extensive and we’re always investing in the best equipment to ensure the results are beyond exceptional for our patients.

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