As Refinery 29 is reporting, many Hollywood A-listers rely on a technique known as the “hair facelift,” or, if you prefer, the Hollywood hair lift. In this technique, hair stylists take small amounts of hair from behind the ear, pull it taut, and pin it behind the head.

This pulls at the hair in the exact points where a surgical facelift tries to tighten the face. People have long been interested in haircuts that can make you look younger, but this is a step beyond. It can create a small amount of facial rejuvenation.

While this technique has some benefits, it doesn’t produce the same quality of results of a nonsurgical facelift, and it has some significant drawbacks.

woman stretching out her forehead wrinkles

Benefits of the Hair Lift

The hair lift wouldn’t be popular if it didn’t offer some benefits. And it does.

The effect the hair lift produces is real. As we said, it’s pulling on the same places–right around the ear–where a surgical facelift anchors your tissues.

And it doesn’t require surgery. There’s no downtime or surgical risks. Plus you can do it when you want to achieve the lifted appearance, but don’t have to do it all the time. It’s a little bit of a challenge when you’re doing it yourself, depending on the type of hair you have and the type of hairstyle you’re wearing.

You’re not limited to a certain hairstyle, though. Especially if you have a stylist, it can be incorporated into an updo or hidden under hair worn down (here it has the added bonus of improving your hair volume).

Limitations of the Hair Lift

Unfortunately, it’s important to realize that the Hollywood hair lift likely isn’t going to get you the real rejuvenation you’re looking for. That’s because, like a surgical facelift, it depends on stretching your skin, which can only go so far until it results in making your face look stretched and distorted. And the hair lift is even more limited, because it requires the skin to do all the work: there’s no lifting from the layer of connective tissue and muscles beneath the skin.

And this is a technique you’ll want to employ sparingly because the tension on your hair can damage it, causing you to lose hair in the tensed areas.

The result is also likely to diminish over the course of an evening as the hair stretches, snaps, and works its way loose.

Plus, the hair lift doesn’t do anything about the way your smile is aging you. Nor will it help plump lips that are thinned as a result of shrinking dentition. If anything, it will make them look thinner.

When you add up all the benefits and limitations, it’s easy to see that while the hair lift might be something to try occasionally, a nonsurgical face lift is a long-term technique that can rejuvenate your appearance more naturally.

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